New Schlage Connect Lock - Zigbee version


Epj3, does the gbak version work with hubitat?




We are building a new house and I was sad to learn that Yale does not produce black locks! We will likely go with BE468GBAK CEN 622. It's the best matte black Zigbee option I can find that looks contemporary.

I'm open to options if someone knows of other matte black options!

EDIT: Anyone know of a keypad handle that has Zigbee built-in for a garage entry? FE599NX CAM 505 does not come in matte black :frowning:


The 599 is Z-WAVE only according to my last correspondence with Schlage. I have the older (non-Plus) model. I would love to find a Zigbee lock of similar appearance.


This is correct. I, too, have the older z-wave version of this lever lock. The version I have only supports 19 lock codes. Also, Schlage support told me that a z-wave+ or zigbee version of this lock was not available.


I want to pull the trigger on the Schlage Connect Lock (Zigbee version) can someone please confirm it works fine with HE?




Excellent thanks mate. I ordered it yesterday.


@linh @epj3 I am trying to setup a rule when a certain lock code is entered into my Schlage Zigbee lock. Unfortunately this isn't working. Via logging I can see that certain codes were entered to unlock the lock, but no events are ever created for it:

When I compare this to my Schlage Zwave lock, it is entering events:

Could you confirm whether events are being created for specific lock codes? Pull up the device events list to confirm. Thanks!

RM 4 Possible Bug with Lock Code Trigger

I had the same problem and gave up on that idea for the time being. This was discussed in another thread that I can't find quickly, but I believe something to do with the order that the lock reports events to Hubitat or something like that.


Thanks for confirming it is not just me. I have been working with Bruce and Mike in this thread so hoping the driver can be enhanced to provide this functionality.


I hope so too, I would love to use keypad codes to arm/disarm and change modes, rather than rely solely on presence. Even though wifi-based presence has been very reliable for us, it isn't flawless. So far our lock has been 100% reliable.



I just bought a couple of these locks and am finding that while the lock pairs without issue (other than it comes in as a "device").

I have attached the fingerprint:

EDIT: Disabling/Enabling debug logging in the device page seems to have got the lock showing logging now, but it still doesn't seem to be working with RM 4's lock code trigger, I can only trigger off of lock/unlock not the codes entered.
Unfortunately while I can control the lock and add/remove codes the lock isn't reporting anything in live logging with debug and descriptive logging enabled, it does show generic events in the device event page, but it doesn't show which user executed the command, consistent to what others have said.

I did change the driver to "generic zigbee lock" after pairing and I did choose configure.


I'll have to double check, but your problem seems to be the same thing I have seen in the logs. It reliably reports manual lock and unlock and unlocked with code, but it very rarely reports unlocked by user. It does report "Unlocked by ___" (or similar) sometimes, but often not.


Thanks for posting the fingerprint. @mike.maxwell and I were exchanging messages about the lock code event yesterday. Please see my post just above yours. I provided him some debug logging so hopefully he can get this fixed. I purchased this zigbee version to replace a 5 year old problem zwave Schlage and hoping it will work better.


I'm considering buying the kwikset 914 zigbee model instead, the ability to arm/disarm HSM with the lock is pretty important to me. Unfortunately I've heard that the schlage is probably a better lock in many ways, but having an extra step of using a standalone keypad to disable HSM is going to be tough to teach the household.


I use zigbee Kwikset 914 and 916s for that purpose.

Yes, you can get better locks from a mechanical standpoint. But the FACT is that anyone that wants to get in can defeat ANY consumer grade lock. Just because one is slightly easier to defeat than another is rather arbitrary in my opinion - they will get in to the house in both cases.

Unless you have a steel reinforced door frame properly installed to withstand full kick force, the lock isn't even close to the biggest problem you have. I've relayed before that in my area 99%+ of home entries happen by kicking the door in, not picking or punching out the lock... On any standard consumer door install it is TRIVIAL to kick in the door - you don't need something elaborate like a battering ram.

A physical security group I work closely with does demonstrations on this regularly. In fact, even on reinforced doors a tough enough guy can still kick it in without a battering ram. The group I work with has one guy (admittedly a HUGE man) that can kick in reinforced steel frame consumer doors with ONE kick. Every time.

Anyway, security is all relative. Get what makes you sleep well at night, and try not to think about the reality any more than you need to. :smile:


Funny. I had a similar conversation with my brother recently.


My whole house is outfitted with Schlage handles and locks so I stayed course. What do you mean by the arm/disarm piece? I could disarm via unlock now. Does the 914 require a pin to lock it? Is that the difference?


I'm under the impression (@JasonJoel) that the lock code events work properly with the kwikset 914 so we can use the entry of a valid code to trigger a RM rule that would disable HSM?

I find the schage handle compliments the kwikset pretty closely