New Schlage Connect Lock - Zigbee version


Epj3, does the gbak version work with hubitat?




We are building a new house and I was sad to learn that Yale does not produce black locks! We will likely go with BE468GBAK CEN 622. It's the best matte black Zigbee option I can find that looks contemporary.

I'm open to options if someone knows of other matte black options!

EDIT: Anyone know of a keypad handle that has Zigbee built-in for a garage entry? FE599NX CAM 505 does not come in matte black :frowning:


The 599 is Z-WAVE only according to my last correspondence with Schlage. I have the older (non-Plus) model. I would love to find a Zigbee lock of similar appearance.


This is correct. I, too, have the older z-wave version of this lever lock. The version I have only supports 19 lock codes. Also, Schlage support told me that a z-wave+ or zigbee version of this lock was not available.


I want to pull the trigger on the Schlage Connect Lock (Zigbee version) can someone please confirm it works fine with HE?




Excellent thanks mate. I ordered it yesterday.