New Schlage Connect Lock - Zigbee version


For those with a strong zigbee mesh or trying to avoid zwave (can't think of a reason why :wink: ), schlage and amazon have released a new version of this lock.

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Camelot trim in Satin Nickel, Zigbee Certified


I would have gravitated toward a lock like that myself. Not a fan of the issues Z-Wave can have. Would never have even considered the Z-Wave YRD256, and just really bought it with the intention that it would go back after I was finished testing. But we’re all hooked on this lock now. It’s a solid performer and I’m much happier with this lock than the August it replaced.

Sorry Steph, not trying to hijack your thread. Schlage is what I would have turned to with a lock that also has a keyhole, but now that it is generally more accepted that there won’t be one, I think our lock options are greatly improved.


How dare you! :rage:

This thread's only point is to inform about a new option. nothing is off limits or hijackable.

Question about the Yale lock would you open the door if the battery dies? That's the main reason I never considered a lock without a non motorized unlock option.


They have as others have added the option of holding up a 9 V battery to the bottom of the lock so you can open it.

But realistically I would just walk around to my back door and use the August lock


All the keyless Locks have battery pins on the bottom edge. You can add an external battery that way.

However, the practicality of that is very questionable.

Where would you find a battery at 2am? After the one you kept in the car for just this reason was dead already too.

I'm with @SmartHomePrimer I'd use another door :slight_smile:


Yeah, Winter is mighty cold here. The dead battery and can’t get one at 2 AM scenario it’s very plausible. For that reason, I too would never put this type of lock on both doors.


Im also using a Yale YRD-256. I chose this lock because there are Youtube videos that show how to break into most of the keyed electronic locks, although I am sure any lock could be broken into. Seemed like the physical key was the weakest link. I keep a close eye on my battery levels so not to worried about it. If it does die for some reason, and it isn't convenient to grab a 9v battery from maybe the garage door opener in my car, I would just enter the house using another door. Maybe one of the Chamberlain MyQ garage doors.


Yes to all the above :slight_smile:

We need to plan ahead how we're going to make use of the "dead battery" feature. I haven't noticed any lock manufacturer neglect the feature, but I've seen one where a wad of AA batteries are in a battery holder with a short 6" wire with custom plug on the end. Yea, gonna be able to find that on the day the lock dies!!

Doesn't matter so much what the plan is.. just have one :D.


The truth of our North American locks is they're there to keep honest people out of our homes. It usually really hits home when you install these new locks, just how easy it is to throw some weight against it and break away the frame, or just break the glass that often exists right next to the lock and reach around.

Haven is probably one of the few options that most of us could do to keep the real bad guys out. It's too bad it only comes in Bluetooth. It would be a nice option to have a my YRD256 on top and this on the bottom, but not if I have to rely on Bluetooth alone to get into my house.

If you're concerned about personal harm when you're in the house, then the manual option is probably the best choice.


I believe in overkill. I have a Kwickset Zwave 916 (I think) with Keypad AND key. I keep a spare key in a lock box (analog with 4-digit combination) on the wall off to the side where it isn't too obvious. This way; I can use presence to unlock the door. If that fails; I can tap out a code; and when all else fails I have my key on my keychain. Should I lose my keychain I have the spare on the wall. I also keep a loose brick in the landscaping in case I feel like entering through a window, j/k. But as someone says below, locks in North America are just there to keep honest people honest. Bad Guys will bring their own brick, that's what the Break Glass detectors are for.