New Product! Homeseer outdoor motion

No problem at all, you'll find this group is always willing to help.

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I'm a newbie to Hubitat (Iris victim). I just paired a Homeseer Floodlight sensor to the Hubitat hub. Paired fine, but device type is just "device". Homeseer claims "we're not familiar with Hubitat to tell you what device type to call it. Contact them." Last Homeseer product I buy. The driver business in your post is Greek to me. I plan on learning Java and whatever else I will need, but, for the immediate need, which type of device in the dropdown list will make it work at least rudimentarily?.

See post #28 above for the Device Driver code for this HomeSeer product. I'm using it with success.

If you need instructions on how to add it to you Hubitat, that info is available here as well, just search for "add new Driver" documentation.


Got it working, used the "import" method, thanks again!

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Awesome, glad it’s working. I’ve got mine set to turn on to light the driveway when my Ring doorbell detects motion. The things you can do with this hub... very addictive!


Can I use the lux level as a trigger to turn off and on lights in the house?

Probably, but you're much better off using motion sensors and or other interior sensors for this task.
The Lux sensor in this device taps out at something like 250 Lux, which is only sufficient to tell you that it's night time, which you already have available via sunrise and sunset.

Honestly you're better off in the long run getting a sensor that can report motion and Lux values at a much higher scale...
The Hue outdoor motion sensor being a good cantidate.

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Yes, that's exactly what I use it for. Helps on stormy dark days. It does tap out at 250 but that pretty darn bright out. Somewhere between 100 and 200 would probably work.

Okay thanks.

I know it works directly with hubitat, but do all the features including lux work ?

I was referring to the hue outdoor

Yes, I wouldn't recommend it otherwise.

Great recommendation - it compliments the light very well.

Just got a batch of these and installed one tonight. Need to see how it ends up working. Right now I am leaving it in the default "Conventional" mode to see how it ends up working out, but once I get the others mounted I will probably change them all over to the "Smart" mode.

Not sure if you are aware but this sensor is on sale, $30

On sale again, $33.96, still worth it. I've been running 5 of these for about a year now.


Just installed one of these and for the life of me it will not pair any one have any ideas ?

First, 'Welcome to Hubitat!'

Always a good idea to Exclude it first, then pair it up to Hubitat.

It took me forever to pair mine... just keep trying