New Product! Homeseer outdoor motion

Okay thanks.

I know it works directly with hubitat, but do all the features including lux work ?

I was referring to the hue outdoor

Yes, I wouldn't recommend it otherwise.

Great recommendation - it compliments the light very well.

Just got a batch of these and installed one tonight. Need to see how it ends up working. Right now I am leaving it in the default "Conventional" mode to see how it ends up working out, but once I get the others mounted I will probably change them all over to the "Smart" mode.

Not sure if you are aware but this sensor is on sale, $30

On sale again, $33.96, still worth it. I've been running 5 of these for about a year now.


Just installed one of these and for the life of me it will not pair any one have any ideas ?

First, 'Welcome to Hubitat!'

Always a good idea to Exclude it first, then pair it up to Hubitat.

It took me forever to pair mine... just keep trying