New Model C-7 Hub Coming Soon

This sounds great. I have two questions.

When you move everything over from one hub to another with that “new service” would this include (i know it is a dirty word for some) webcore, applications and settings/authentication, along with custom drivers too!?!?

Other questions would be: Would there be a discount for existing C-5 users/customers?

I have for the most part transferred all my stuff over from ST and overall, it has been great. Somethings work differently once, you figure that out, it’s not bad. Bought ST 2 year+ ago, bought C-5 maybe 6 months ago and I would really like the S2 compatibility; so now, x cost. I’m sure you understand. Thanks.

I would be completely shocked if any company did this let alone a small one like Hubitat. Wishful thinking though!

Probably way too early to tell. That announcement doesn't necessarily say that the new transfer is imminent, nor does it say it will happen simultaneously with the arrival/shipping of the new hubs. It would be nice if it was "soon", (whatever "soon" means nowadays) but I suppose time will tell.

oooooh! can't wait! need to pair my inovelli switches with something! save me one everyone!


I do wish they had upgraded the processor too...excited to see what software changes come with it....



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Put me down for the pre-order :tada: :tada:

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This is super news! Thanks to you Bruce and all the Hubitat gang for all they do to improve this product. It gives me hours of entertainment along with a great and very reliable home automation system.



If you don't throw it out there you get nothing. In addition some hardware manufacturers have offered a small discount. However, typical you did have to return or get rid of the old device. Just figured I'd ask.

I agree lots of vendors give discounts. Especially to developers that are aiding in improvements and marketability of their products. So I would be all in for discounts for developers :smile: so they could get cheaper and first access to develop for the environment. And no. I don't develop for Hubitat.

Of course they will have high demand, and likely low inventory for the new hub for some time. So I'll stand by my $299 price for my extra dev C-5 hub. lol 1st come, 1st serve. :slight_smile:


So what about hub migration? Anything in the works there? :wink:

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I'm assuming that price includes the key codes for all the smart locks on your house. Oh, and the 4 digit pin for your HSM setup :rofl:

They said...


:slight_smile: I am of course kidding. I wouldn't gouge someone that much for a hub. I have to live myself in the end.


289 would be totally OK tho', amiright? :grinning:

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So when new updates start rolling out that uses features that the C-7 hub (700) Z-Wave chip can use, but the C-5 can't. Will there be 2 updates released one for each of the C-5 and C-7 hubs?

I did the same thing to get my newest gun. Told her I just traded the first gun I bought for this one. Didn't mention the price difference that I had to pay.

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The flash size really should be increased. Not that I know how much the current one has.

The TLC eMMC has less endurance than the MLC predecessor. One way to combat this is to have larger over provisioning.