Zigbee 3.0 and C7 hub

Was kind of expecting Zigbee 3.0, too (for marketing purposes if nothing else).

But I guess it doesn't really matter to me since the 3.0 items I have fall back to HA 1.2 with no issues.


Me too as that would open up the option for green energy devices :ok_hand:. There is nothing to say that this hub ISN'T compatible with 3.0 though. It may just need a later firmware update. Either way I'm ordering 2 :muscle:


Just realized no Zigbee 3.0... seriously you are going to create a new hub with a new zwave 700 chip and you keep Zigbee 2.0?? Unbelievable and major oversight.

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There is no such thing...

Anyway, exactly what do you think you're missing without Zigbee 3.0?

How can I impress my friends, relatives and neighbors with version 1.2 when version 3.0 is out there??? :rofl:



looks lie quite a few good things...


I’ll put another vote in there for green power as a reason for zigbee 3.0

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For starters I have devices that won't downgrade to current zigbee. I'd like to use them second isn't it logical to upgrade zigbee since you did zwave ?

if this is the case then these aren't really Zigbee 3.0 certified.

Every ledgit zigbee 3.0 device (except green power) I've tested has worked just fine...

not really, apples and oranges...
Huge difference between 700 series with S2 and smartstart support and 500 with only S0, Zigbee zha 1.2 and zigbee 3.0?, not that big of a difference...


Apples and oranges.... that really isn't the point is it? And there are big differences between current zigbee and 3.0, you guys should read the specs if you haven't.

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I have read it, we aren't doing Zigbee 3.0 right now.


Can you at least provide us some approval that EM3581 supports ZigBee3.0 and just firmware upgrade could be enough to get ZigBee3.0 for C-5 or C-7 hubs?
Thank you.

We are not working on zigbee 3.0 at the moment, and we do not have it in the current pipeline.

I say again, with the exception of green power devices, what specificially does 3.0 inherintly provide that we are missing?

In other words, don't just toss me the spec, or tell me there's cool stuff in there, tell me why you think you need it right now or near term.


Which part of higher number = better do you not understand??? You will never succeed in marketing with that attitude.

(Disclaimer: all of the above was meant as a joke. I am also very curious if there are other needs for zigbee 3.0 that I'm not aware of.)


So true...


Case in point - Ubuntu vs Debian. I mean who wants to be running Debian 10 when you could be running Ubuntu 18?


18? Pfffftt. I only install 20.04 now. 20>18. You lose. :wink:


True dat.

Edit: Just remembered I did update sometime in May to Ubuntu 20.04 ....

While OT, I will admit I usually install Kubuntu as being a legacy Windows guy I like KDE.

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