New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI

You can use a virtual contact sensor and set it up as a window in Honekit but it will show open or closed.

I guess it’s a slight improvement from the HomeKit side of things, at the cost of losing partial open functionality from the Hubitat side.

Havent been here in a while, i guess thats a good sign. I need help though on using homebridge on my pi with hubconnect. I was able to get things working on both. I have the hubitat server instance and can push devices to show on homebridge, but i am scratching my head how or if i can push devices from homebridge to the hubitat? For instance Nest which I do have working on homebridge .

I tried to create a remote client in the hubconnect hub with the ip of the pi but thats where i get confused becasue that a diff auth key? do i need to profiles in the config.json ? thanks in advance

I don’t have a nest, but I believe you can use this to get nest to talk to Hubitat GitHub - tonesto7/nst-manager-he: NST Manager for Hubitat

Thanks, nevermind the Nest. How to I share devices from homebridge to the hubitat with hubconnect. I can only figure out how to share hubitat devices to the homebridge.

Do you mean MakerApi? It only one way, Hubitat with homebridge
You could add a virtual device to the MakerApi, then in the Home app create a automation with the real device.

I have both installed. Not sure what one does vs the other tbh. But, what is the point of hubconnect then if it doesnt connect devices from hub to another?

This may help you [RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)

If you have HubConnect installed, you already have so much code installed and functioning. You would duplicate some quantity just to get the MakerAPI installed and running. Therefore the answer is, if you have HubConnect installed, use the HubConnect version for Homebridge. IF you don't have HubConnect installed, use the MakerAPI version. The end result is the same. BOTH send Hubitat devices to Homebridge, which in turn sends the devices into HomeKit.

@JBrown suggests works exactly the same using HubConnect or MakerAPI:

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I dont thik im being clear enough. I do not want my evices in homekit, i could care less about home kit. however some device that i can install into hubitat that can be intakked on home kit, i want those devices to be hubconnected to show in hubtat. ive done it with smartthings hub before but i can figure it out with homekit and homebridge

There is no simple way for HomeKit devices to be brought into Hubitat.

You can do a simple light switch, via HomeKit automations and virtual Hubitat switches. But that’s about all you can do.


bummer. thanks

You're not seeing the 'magic' :smiley:

You have a device on HomeKit that you want on Hubitat, just like SmartThings. We get that :smiley: You, me, everyone. Unfortunately Apple doesn't want you to do that. So... we.. you me, everyone, has to use 'tricks' to fool Apple into giving us what we want.

You need to 'mirror' the state of the HomeKit ONLY devices into fake devices.. virtual devices.

In a VERY simple case, you could create a virtual switch in Hubitat and send that to HomeKit. THEN, open the Automation tab in the Apple Home App and tell it when the real device goes ON, change the Hubitat device to ON. Then another Automation that says, when the real device goes OFF, change the Hubitat device to OFF.

The 'magic' is that it works.. the Hubitat device will perfectly mirror the Apple device. You can add the virtual switch to a Dashboard and watch it change. If you label it right, in a few hours you'll forget all about the 'trick' because it will just work.

Just remember that when you want the Hubitat dashboard to change the Apple HomeKit device, you have to have an automation for THAT too.


fully understand, i do that already with alexa routines. I was hoping for more than just an on off switch.

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HubConnect works in pairs.. Each pair has it's own Key.

With Homebridge running on your Pi, you need to create another Server Instance. The key for that will need to be included in the Homebridge config.json.

@Dan.T has a great tool for constructing the config.json. Have you used it?

If you are using HOOBS or the Homebridge version of the same, you want to copy/paste ONLY the orange stuff....

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yes i did. i have the remote client set on hubitat side and the key set in config on the homebridge side. hubconnect shows homebridge hub as active, but when i click on devices to share they arent showing whats on the homebridge side

Correct. Nothing that exists ONLY on the Apple side is going to be visible to any accessory. (And Homebridge is just an accessory to HomeKit.)


so if i decide to keep my homebridge server ill just forget hubconnect and use the makerapi?

Same answer as before.

If you have HubConnect installed to make a connection to another Hubitat or SmartThings, you've already 'invested' the time, energy, and understanding on HubConnect.

If not, yes, use MakerAPI.

There is NO DIFFERENCE in the end result.


This may seem like a silly question, but do you need the button exposed to Homebridge? If not, then you can remove it from the MakerAPI configuration (at least that's what I have done). Any device not specifically added to the Maker API app does not show up in Homekit or Homebridge.