New GE Enbrighten requiring device refresh

I have been changing out the old Z-Wave for new GE's and I have a strange one now.
I have removed and re-added but it's still the same.
If I turn it on or off I have to go into Devices and press the Refresh to get a state change event.
Anyone seen this odd behavior?

I haven't seen this. Which driver are you using? I use @JasonJoel's excellent Enbrighten drivers w/my Jasco/GE/Honeywell/UltraPro Z-Wave Plus switches. Great drivers. Though - state change should work w/those switches w/the built-in drivers just fine.

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[SOLVED] Thanks I'll look at that driver I'm just using the builtin HE one.
I removed and added a third time and now the events are working properly.


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