New Caséta fan controller!


Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We'll agree to disagree on this one. :smile:

I think it looks bad when you start putting the fan + dimmer + switch together... Some have the middle bump - some don't. Switch looks COMPLETELY different than dimmer, etc.

But, in the end, it doesn't really matter that much. 1st World problem, and all that.


1st World problem, and all that.

Yep that's what the wife says to me whenever I start ranting about something technical, or aesthetic or anything else "complainy" related to home automation!


My sentiments exactly....and the reason I didn't wait for Energy Avenue's assumed lower prices. I had 8 GE fan controls that were driving me nuts! I can sleep now :rofl:

Plus the wife likes the way they look, so that says something. First compliment think she's ever given about smart home stuff.


:man_facepalming: I would definitely have to replace that. Is it just the photo, or does the white not match too? [Shudders]


He said the GE is almond rather than white.


:open_mouth: Do you have 5000k, 6500k and 2800k bulbs in the same fixture too?! :joy:




All my Lutron switches/dimmers/Picos and wall plates are light almond, not white. It's always been a challenge for my OCD mind when combining Leviton and GE switches in the same wall plates as the Lutrons. At least Levitons color match closely, the GEs are not even close! (Shudder indeed!)


Does Leviton include three covers? White, Off-White and Almond?


All the Levitons I've purchased have included white and light almond paddles only...


:thinking: I bought a Leviton Z-wave on/off at HD to test about a year ago, and it had all three. Guess they either include more than when you purchased, or offer less now.


Noooooooo! Not that!!!!


Thank you for this information! I picked up a couple of them today.


Lutron support got back to me asking for more info. I sent them the requested data and got this in response today. Will keep the thread updated when I hear more.


HomeKit now supports the fan controller. When I adjust the level there it just moves from 0-25-50-75-100. Have you tested limiting yourself to only those values?




What happens if the fan is at 25, and you send a 26? Just curious if the duplicate value is the issue, or any 2 values in the same fane speed range will cause the issue you've identified.


Any 2 values in the same range.

1-25 goes to low
26-50 goes to med
51-75 goes to med-high
76-100 goes to high

If I send 26, then 50, then 40, then 35, the fan toggles between med and low. If I send 51 then 70, then 60, then 75, it toggles between med-high and med.

I also haven't fully explored it for pattern, but if I go from 25 to 75 to 50, the fan sometimes goes low to med-high to low. So I think there's something wrong with how the telnet commands are being interpreted.


It seems like it should be an easy fix if the problem lies within the SmartBridge Pro firmware (or, at least they could trap the issue in the bridge's firmware and not send the offending second command to the fan controller). Hopefully the actual Fan Controller's firmware is not the problem.


Agreed. I'm really curious to see what Lutron support says. Hoping they make a real attempt to find and fix and don't come back with something like "unable to replicate" or "don't use telnet". The first question level 1 support asked was "Why are you sending telnet commands?" Not sure how that's relevant, the point is that it's a capability that doesn't appear to be working correctly. The why shouldn't matter.

My workaround is doing ok for now, any time I want to send a level I turn the fan off, then run a RM action that waits 2 seconds and then sends the new level. Shouldn't have to do that, but it does prevent the wrong level from being set.