New Caséta fan controller!

The wait is finally over. We have a fan solution for Caséta Wireless!

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I only have 1 fan in the house that doesn't have a light on it. Once I find a good sale, I'll replace the GE fan switch with this.

Was really hoping for a Caseta motion sensor this go around from Lutron. Oh well.


They have occupancy sensors that would work with Caséta as is, but for a marketing imposed limitation of the Caséta app. These sensors are sold with RA2 systems, through their dealer network. They are always skittish about upsetting these channels of distribution by, God forbid, selling something online to the masses.


Ya, we talked about this a few months ago. I even sent them an email and actual got a nice email back saying that they did have plans to expand the line. Guess this is what they had in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

Someone else at Lutron told me that adding the Occupancy Sensors to Caséta was on their roadmap. But things move very slowly there.

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With Hubitat and Lutron integration, what would Caséta occupancy sensors give us that we cannot get from Zigbee or Z-Wave sensors?

Ten year battery life, and no mesh issues. These sensors work differently in one other way, which is both good or bad depending: the minimum cycle time from active to inactive is 60 seconds.


All sounds great to me...including the cycle time. I don't have any motion automations that require an "off" event less than a minute.

Yes, but I'm guessing the RA2 pricing will be shocking, and won't be attractive unless they re-brand it as a Caséta product.

Runs about $56 from various online retailers.

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Oh, that's very reasonable.

Two models: corner/wall mount:

Or ceiling mount:

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Figures. It's the ceiling mount I like. That's $100.

No, you can get them for $56. I use these all over my house. Still have some Zigbee also, in garage and outdoors.

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I'll have a look at who will ship to me or I'll get it sent to Oregon and pick it up when I visit my parents. No tax that way too.

Only works with RA2 and RA2 Select, not with Caséta!

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Oh, I see. Misunderstood your earlier post. Well, maybe they'll unveil something in the next few days.

I have one of these (ceiling mount) in my HA coffin waiting for resuscitation.
I got Lutron Caseta initially out of necessity and used that bad boy for my hallway (worked like a dream). Once I started working with njschwartz on his Lutron-ST integration, I picked up the non-pro hub and unfortunately came to realize that it was either the switches connected to the motion sensor or to the hub....both was not possible. The Lutron tech I spoke with hinted subtly to me that it would get integrated with the hub one day..that was more than 2 years ago :frowning:

When I got the email about new features, I hoped that it was this sucker but alas, it was not to be.

Anyone seen an actual release date for these fan controls besides "March"? I'm fully converted to Caseta except for 8 fan these GE switches look ugly mounted next to the Lutron gear. Itching to finish! :rofl:

Don’t know an exact release date, but the app recently added support, so it’s close.

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