New Caséta fan controller!


I just chatted online with Energy Avenue and they told me they should be available for purchase on 3/1.


oOoOO yeah that's what I wanted to hear :slight_smile: I'll get my order clicker finger warmed up :sunglasses:


Ahhhhhhh look what I just found!! Looks like I'm stopping at Home Depot on my way home tonight!


@bravenel any idea how these will be recognized by the hub? As a dimmer, or...?


That’s a better price than I was expecting


It can be controlled like a dimmer. Going from their Maestro RA2 Fan Speed Control. For the Maestro, they have specific ranges for 4 speeds plus off: 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, and 76 to 100.


Went to Home Depot during lunch today and struck out. They couldn't find the fan controls even though 2 showed in stock, there's no spot for them in the Lutron display yet, no aisle listed on the website yet and nothing by the fan controllers either. Will try the store closer to home after work, but I'm guessing I'll have the same result.


Do you have any plans to develop a Lutron fan control driver, or planning to stick with dimmer for these devices?


I don't see any advantage to a fan control driver. Do you?


Not really, dimmer levels work fine in automations. I could see individual buttons for the 4 speeds being advantageous for those who want dashboard control, but I likely wouldn't use it. Just was curious what you had in the works, if anything.


Same kind of advantage a fan control device has over a light control: It has a picture of a fan instead of a light bulb. :grin:


Are you talking about the Dashboard?


No no, I'm just referring to the switch itself and the fact that it's pretty much just a stepped dimmer with a different picture on it.


I think there's something wrong with HD's system, maybe these things aren't officially for sale yet or something. I just tried to buy the two online that show available at the store closest to home, and even though it shows 2 available I get this error when trying to check out. Might still stop by just to check, but it's not looking promising.


That makes sense. 3/1


I think you're right. My store shows 2 in stock as well.. Seems like a glitch.


They are hiding ...


Bonus! Stock said 2 but box has 3 inside :sunglasses:

If anyone goes, ask where the "no home" section is and look for a blue and white box labeled with SKU 1004144616.


Success! Awesome!