New Caséta fan controller!


And it has a cool little fan graphic!

Interesting - it has a different number of LEDs than the dimmers. Does that reflect four fan speed settings?


Yep. One click up or down and it changes speed.

Here's the Lutron app control:


@bravenel I'm already seeing a little bit of weirdness in using the dimmer driver for these. If I send consecutive setLevel commands anywhere between 26-50% it toggles back and forth between low and medium speed. Consecutive 51-75% commands toggle between medium and medium-high. 76-100 toggles between medium-high and high. The only range that doesn't behave this way is 1-25.


Why are you sending it consecutive commands in the same range? At any rate, that must be the way it responds to those level commands.


I was initially testing to see if the break point were the same as you listed above. They are. Regardless, this could potentially be problematic if someone sets up a trigger to send a setLevel to a fan. The trigger doesn't know if it's already sent that level. Also, this type of logic with a button controller doesn't appear to work with these fan controls:


Of course it doesn't work! Start raising is for a dimmer, not a fan speed control. It's not a dimmer. It uses a dimmer driver because the dimmer driver sends the right command to set the fan control.

As for someone using the wrong automation steps to control it, that's always going to be the case. Even if you have a fan control driver, if someone sends setMediumLow more than once, the fan control is going to do what you are observing.


Ok point taken.

You don't think sending the same command that results in different outcomes is a problem?


Ask Lutron. Evidently, that's how they designed the product.


How about this one? If I set level to 100%, it goes to high speed. If I then set level to 75%, it goes to medium (skipping medium-high). To get medium-high, I have to setLevel 75% twice. All I'm trying to do is set something up that steps up or down one speed at a time, doesn't seem possible...

This also gives inconsistent results.


These are Lutron issues. I don't have a clue why it does what it does.


That's for Maestro, possible that Caseta could be different? Different line, different hub?


That would be a first. Sounds more likely to be firmware glitches in the product. You really should ask Lutron why it does this. Also, you can verify this behavior by connecting directly with telnet, and giving the commands directly -- taking Hubitat out of the picture completely. You can see in the logs for Lutron Telnet what is sent.


Ok, sorry for my lack of understanding on this. I did the telnet thing and had the same results, same command sent back-to-back yields different speeds. Looks like I'll have to set something up to only send commands under certain circumstances, if I can figure out exactly what conditions cause it to go to the different speeds.

Any idea if the Smart Bridge Pro can apply OTA firmware updates to the devices, in the event that Lutron were to release one?

**edit - if I send an off command, then a setLevel, it doesn't do the weird toggle thing. Going to run with that.

**edit 2 - I called Lutron support and the level 1 guy I talked to recommended that I email engineering with the scenario. He also seemed surprised that I had my hands on these already :rofl: Also got verification that the bridge can do firmware updates to the devices.


Thanks for Beta testing these puppies for everyone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very good to hear they can do the firmware updates . . . now that I have two Caseta Pro Hubs and thirty some of their devices (and counting) . . .


My workaround for now is to have my button controller turn off the fans, then run a rule that delays 3 seconds and does an adjust up or down by 25%. Seems to be working ok other than I have to wait for the cycle to complete before pushing the button again.


Thanks! By the time It’s hot here again and I actually need a fan, you’ll have all these issues ironed out for us😁


I was planning to try and track down more of these tomorrow and this weekend, but it's a PITA to set up these workarounds, so I'll probably stick with the 3 I have now until I hear from Lutron if this is intended and whether or not there will be a fix.


I replayed the conversation with Lutron support in my head and did some searching, now I'm wondering if the guy thought I was asking about the Smart Bridge firmware rather than device firmware. I'll have to ask again whenever Lutron support gets back to me.


Just kidding.