New Caséta fan controller!


You sir, have a problem. Seek help now.


I can help.


Got my $100 gift card from Lowe's / Iris today, had to spend it on something! It covered 1.67 of the fan controls pictured above :rofl:


I guess setting up those work-arounds wasn't so bad after all.


It's all relative. Last night I was frustrated with the workaround, today I forgot about it.

On the plus side, this should do it for my Lutron conversion purchases. Nothing left to buy. This also gets me right at the 50 device limit (hub plus 49 devices).


I'm at 33 devices on the upstairs hub and 5 devices on the downstairs hub. I have 10 more circuits to convert upstairs and those probably won't have Picos so that would be around 43. I have about 10 circuits to convert downstairs with several two-way and several good applications for Picos. I think I'll end up with about 25 - 30 devices on that hub. Gives me some breathing space on both.


I was about to make a trip to my local Home Depot that shows 2 in stock only to realize from your pictures that these require neutrals.....:disappointed_relieved:

I should have known they would but when I think Caseta my mind defaults to "no neutral required".


I think that covers just two of their dimmers doesn't it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep neutral required for fan controls.

The connections are different than any of the other Caseta devices I've seen. All the switches and dimmer I've done have leads that you wire nut into the house wiring. These have a screw terminal for the hot and leads for neutral and load.

BTW....just to reinforce what I said above about Home Depot and the "no home" section for electrical...I successfully found the devices in 3 different stores this way, so it wasn't just a fluke. They are out there and available for purchase, you just have to search for them.


While I prefer that to the wire nut setup, it also looks like that switch is deeper than the caseta dimmer switches. Even if I were to run neutrals to the switch probably wont fit into my shallow boxes. Sighhhh.


Interesting. This must be a UL requirement for hot. I have a Leviton fan timer that has a 10 gauge hot lead, while the load and neutral are 14.


A larger project. Eventually you'll have all deep boxes in the house. :wink:


Hard to tell from the pictures - is it noticeably deeper than the dimmers?


Dimmer on the left, fan control in the middle, on/off switch on the right.


Thanks. I think I will go with the on/off for now. I can scope out the box and see how full it is. I just checked up in the attic and I could get to the ceiling box from above but it wouldn't be fun. We don't adjust the speeds that often so the off/on (with Pico remote) may be enough. For now.



Yes, exactly the potential problem.


I just noticed the fan control has the middle (bump) button like the Picos have. I always thought it odd they didn't do that with the dimmers.


EDIT: Never mind, my post wasn't constructive, and was off topic. :smile:


Oh man, I'm definitely OCD but they don't bother me! Flat and flush on that screw-less wall plate, to my eyes that's very elegant and clean. Each one has a button combination and symbols that defines it's purpose. Lutron Caseta is beautiful! :joy:

What makes my OCD light up like a Christmas tree is having one GE Z-wave fan control switch on the same wall plate as all my other Lutron's. GE's "light almond" is much darker colored. Drives me nuts every time I look at it!

I'm definitely buying Lutron fan controls to replace my five GEs!!