Nest is shutting down the Works with Nest API




That is not what I am saying. You misunderstand.

Google wants to be the IFTTT, themselves. I am not talking about using IFTTT.

According to Mike Soucie, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Google

Moving forward, partners are no longer going to be able to access specific Nest data. They're going to have to rely on the Works with Google Assistant platform to create routines with Nest products."

Now, rather than having multiple platforms and ecosystems control Nest devices, we're bringing it all under the Works with Google Assistant ecosystem, a single controller for all your Nest, Google, and third-party devices.

You guys are using your jump to conclusions mat. Google is bumbling this roll out and not being clear. I am not saying these sources are correct but since we have until August let's wait for what is really going on.


Even if you are right that means having to buy a google assistant. Not gonna happen here.


Yes, the Min Off Time (MOT) and Min Run Time (MRT) are configurable on that model.

MOT=5-9 minutes (5 is default)
MRT=1-9 minutes (3 is default)


@cstory777 it doesn’t actually say anywhere you will need to buy a Google Assistant. You will have to have a google account though to develop the integrations. To me, it’s saying they are bringing together a lot of disparate hubs and systems into one


It's literally called "Works with Google Assitant". The name implies it.


We'll have to see it might be worse or it might not.

It might be worse in that we might be required to buy the google hub max? You know their local processing with thread capability.

It might be better in that "Works with Google Assistant" is a rebrand for "Works with Nest". They want (it appears) to have one account for both ecosystems. So no more Nest account to log in with.

According to Mike:

The goal is to match the level of feature parity that Works with Nest enabled,” says Soucie. “We're not quite there yet. We're working on it and we believe that we'll have that parity by the end of the year.

You might not be required to buy anything but just make a google account. We'll see.

Google Assistant accounts aren't some new account, they are just a google email. But no one can say for sure how exactly this system will work.


No matter what you may or may not have to buy, this is a real d**k move by Google. That alone has me looking for replacements for my Nest devices.

It's not called "Works With Google Assistant Accounts", it's called "Works With Google Assistant" which means the device is required.


If it is true that I have to buy another product or I can't connect my Hubitat, I will look into replacing my Nest devices.

But I enjoy my Nest products and it doesn't appear to be as bad as people are making it out to be.
It appear to be just bad communication and a poor roll out.

However since there is just a lot of speculation and questions, I'm going to wait and see. It might be something else entirely so I'm willing to wait.

It is just a lot of money and work for me to rush out and buy new products when the facts aren't all here yet.


You can install Google assistant for free on your phone or tablet. Everything from Google really runs in their cloud anyway. The Google Assistant App on your phone, or a Google Home Mini, are really just physical manifestations of the Google Cloud infrastructure.

@helene7t7 - I hope you're right... but everything that has been stated by Google is that no other systems will be able to directly control Nest devices, nor collect data from those devices. So, I am not very hopeful whatsoever.


I don't know at all! I don't want people to say 3-4 months later OMG Helene was wrong. All I am saying is that we don't know and that rushing to buy new products today might not be the best idea.

I am just saying let's wait until there is more information before making decisions.


Thanks for the reply.....unfortunately I need longer than 9 minutes so it doesn't appear that one would work for me.


The sad part is that Nest made a nice product. And now anyone not full into Google will be tempted to dump them.

But it's not the end of the world. My house has 2 HVAC systems. Both used to be Nest controlled. I had to dump one as a new HVAC variable speed system wasn't compatible. I haven't missed the Nest as the new thermostat is accessible to HE too. At the end of the day, the Nest wasn't really adding a whole lot as I set the schedules mostly manually anyway.

The Protects are really nice and nice looking. I have about 7 years left in their lives. Their integration is probably more important from a monitoring/alerting perspective. And easily added to HE with an audio coupler.

So, it's sad, but not the end of the world.


It might say “Works with Google Assistant” but that doesn’t mean you have to buy new kit. The kit is one way to access Google Assistant, not the only way to access it. Google Assistant isn’t tied exclusively to a specific device


You're missing the point. I do not want Google Assitant, period. I'd toss out my Echos if it weren't for 3 things... I have the amazon cams, ring doorbell and Apple Homepod won't, yet, allow chaining of "news" sources that it will read when instructed to.


It's been put out in black and white that no other devices will be allowed to control or get data from Nest devices. It doesn't get any clearer than that.


I guarantee it means you have to buy the Google Assistant. They chose their words wisely... It wouldn't say "Works With Google Assistant" if a Google Assistant wasn't required.


I was trying not to jump in this increasingly heated discussion but I think you are misunderstanding what others are trying to say. What will work with what is up in the air...but Google Assitant is not a DEVICE that you have to buy, it is a SERVICE that devices or applications can use.


My protects are what I'll miss the most. Being able to use them for rules like turning on all the lights to bright white when smoke is detected, the cool night light feature, the ease of silencing them, etc. All will be missed once I find a replacement that isn't super ugly like the First Alerts are.


Meet Google Assistant, a device:

And again, even if there is a version that is just an app on your phone I don't want it! Google/Nest screwed the pooch on this one.