Nest Integration [Limited Release]



Did you put your credentials in advanced before clicking on login to nest? It's at the bottom of the initial nest integration app configuration screen ...


Also make sure you changed your developer account's OAUTH redirect or added another one on the Nest Dev site..


I just got a Nest Hello and got the same issue.
Is this a result of the recent change to access to their API?
Did I just miss the bus?


Does the Nest Hello actually integrate?
Also do you have dev credentials?


Wow I'm off my rocker.

Yes it should.
I'm looking to update Nest presence.
Also the Hello should work like a motion sensor from what I see.
Yes I signed up as far as I can tell.


Did you follow the smartthings instructions on how to add an app etc?


No I thought it was a little more Native than that.
I saw the advanced auth options but I wasn't sure what that was.
If that works currently where regular Nest login doesn't I'll go down that path.
I figured I'd hit the same roadblock.


You have to set up your own dev space or whatever it is. Follow the PDF like you are setting things up for SmartThings except use the HE Oath in my link. Once you do that you should get some credentials you can use for the "advanced" part of the integration.


Let me know how it goes! If you have any questions, will try and answer as best I can!!!


So after getting the keys the regular login worked.
Maybe the keys are required to get the login to work.
At any rate @erktrek I'm good. Thanks. It works.


Hi all,
Don't mean to hijack the thread.
I've had my HE for a week, trying to set up Nest along with everything else.
I'm getting the Nest "Oops" error and having a hard time following along.
Am I too late to the game for Nest integration? If not, could someone point me to the beginning?


I just went through the same.
You enable your Nest account as a developer account.
Make a new 0auth client.
Follow the guide @erktrek just posted.
I had to log in again to the Nest Integration after i got my two keys.


Thanks, I assume this is done on my Nest account webpage?


Could you post your results with nest hello? (In another thread to not hijack this) I had one hello when they were released but the continuous upload was a bad idea in the moment so I put back my ring pro, plus the monthly payment was excessive compared with ring $10 for unlimited cameras and now pro monitoring for the alarm. Thanks


I am curious too - I made the very same decision as @vjv and went with the Ring setup as well. I have a doorbell and 2 floodlights. Am triggering an old Aeotec doorbell chime with an alexa skill.

I was a little concerned about continuous recording as well. The ring account seems much cheaper.

Maybe @bravenel or other staff person can split this into a different conversation!


Then do this:

except use this URL for the OATH redirect:

Then when that's done - reinstall the nest integration but before logging into the nest account on the configuration page click on advanced and enter your credentials from the nest developers site THEN login.

Nest Integration

Thanks!....will give this go.


Let us know how it goes..


A thread was opened


Not going well, seems even the Dev accounts are closed.
"Thank you for your interest in the Works with Nest program. We're currently restructuring our developer program and are no longer accepting new developers to the program or performing client integration reviews for existing developers until the new program is implemented. Stay tuned for further details and announcements."