Nest compatibilty

Will Nest Wifi devices be compatible with Hubitat in the future?

My example would be appreciated by many I think.
I have a Nest Hello doorbell. When the doorbell button gets pushed the camera starts to stream and I would like to control some lights with that as a trigger. I am hard of hearing and appreciate a visual cue.

I did not see an app to add and Nest is not on the Compatible with Hubitat list.

Google has decided to take the direction of closing off access to Nest devices, rather than opening things up. Instead, Google wants wants everything to revolve around their Google Assistant.

So, if Google has enabled this.. one approach would be to have the Nest Doorbell trigger a Google Assistant Routine. Then, in that routine, turn on lights using the Hubitat to Google Integration.

Again, not sure if this is possible yet, as I donโ€™t have anything from Nest other than thermostats.

WARNING: If you convert your Nest account to a Google account, all of your existing Works With Nest integrations will break.


I see. Google/Nest wants to be an Ecosystem.

Every article I have read about converting to Google said "don't do it yet"
Last thing I read was about Google having second thoughts about the works with Nest program.

I wish I saved the URL for that article but it's probably 9to5 or somebody.


I've been trying to figure out how to have the Hello doorbell ring as a trigger as well. I use NST Manager, but there is only a camera driver, which doesn't seem to have any variables for doorbell ring. I was searching the ST forums and found this post, which may help:

If you're using Android, you can use Android Phone notification service on IFTTT to turn on a virtual switch when you get a doorbell ring notification. I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds like it would work.

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Thanks, I tried IFTTT and Olisto and totally dismissed the GH app. I still have my ST hub but plugging that back in is a last resort.

I haven't used a V switch yet so I will try the GH app first.


@playsdbass I got this working on my system now, if you're interested:

1 - Create a Virtual Switch and share it with IFTTT Integration in HE. I used a custom device called Virtual Momentary that I got from here:

2 - Connect Android Device service on IFTTT and use Notification received from a specific app:

Have it turn on your Virtual Switch (I called mine Doorbell). Be sure to allow IFTTT to get notifications in your phone settings (best to create this in the Android app, so it will prompt you to do this).

3 - Create a rule that uses the Virtual Switch as a trigger. I have mine toggle some lights 6 times:

Hope that helps! Let me know if you come up with any other creative ways to do this.

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Has anyone has any issues linking the Nest Thermostat after migrating a non-Google email into Google? I've tried to login with both, my original email and my Google accounts and neither appear to be valid. Might there be an updated driver? ~Thanks in advance.

Once you convert your Nest account to a Google Account, there is no way to integrate Nest with Hubitat. Google has locked everything down and has not yet opened up a new API for integrators.

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Thanks Ogiewon! After a whole bunch of back and forth and making my original email the primary I was able to login, but my thermostat isn't listed under available locations. There's nothing listed. Is this because it is still linked to Google in some way?

Sorry... I am not an expert on the Nest/Google changes. One of my two Nest Thermostats developed a hardware issue, so I replaced both of them with Ecobee3 Lite thermostats. I am much happier being Nest-Free. :slight_smile:

No worries. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Ogiewon.

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