Its coming soon. I know you want more specifics but that’s all I can say.


I am not sure where everything is with alexa. I just wanted to point out this skill by the autoapps developer.

He has a very flexible setup with virtual devices and variables. Which is also very easy to setup. Could something like this be done in hubitat?ãoDias/posts/1W1Wfkd6hpZ

I was trying to use mode manager with button control and Alexa and just saw the Alexa App doesn't see buttons. I am using Rule Machine to get past this, but can this get an update for virtual buttons?

An Alexa Skill is on the way and will replace the Alexa Echo app. Hopefully buttons will be supportable, but I have never seen a momentary switch (e.g. a button) in the Alexa app. I'm not certain their API supports it.

If the virtual button driver also has the "Switch" capability it should still be available to use in Alexa. I have a "Sleep Mode" VB that I use with Alexa to turn on/off a bunch of lights, lock my doors and set my mode to "Night". Works perfectly.

This is the custom Virtual Momentary driver I use.

 *  Virtual Momentary 
 *  Copyright 2018 Stephan Hackett
def version() {"v1.0.20180413"}

metadata {
	definition (name: "Virtual Momentary", namespace: "stephack", author: "Stephan Hackett") {
        capability "Switch"
        capability "Momentary"
	preferences {

def push() {
    sendEvent(name: "switch", value: "on")
    sendEvent(name: "momentary", value: "pushed", isStateChange: true)

def toggleMom(){
    sendEvent(name: "switch", value: "off")

def on() {

def off() {

def installed() {

def updated() {

def initialize() {
    state.version = version()
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Thanks, Stephan. Posting this is probably just a small thing for you but it solved a nagging problem (with a significant WAF factor) for me.


I had to do this, I tried telling alexa about 20 times over an hour to discover devices. I did this once and it found the one thing I had moved over. This should be recommended, and mentioned in the instructions IMO.

Is there an actual Alexa skill now? I see "Added Alexa Skill Support" in the latest 1.1.0 update.

Hopefully the skill is also published for us Canadians too. :slight_smile:

It has been published for a bit now, I noticed it a week or so ago. You just cannot enable without the latest firmware update.

So what's the difference between the new Alexa Skill and the "Amazon Echo App" we've had for a while now?

Should now find devices, for those whom were having trouble. Devices are also properly identified as what they are (e.g. Virtual Switch, Virtual Dimmer, Light, Switch, etc.). The Skill also gives you a second opportunity to select or deselect devices. Somewhat similar to the ST skill in that regard.

I’m noticing a faster response so far, than I had with the Alexa app.

@patrick will you be documenting the differences between the app and the skill? Also what commands we can use with the skill? Thanks!

Would also like to know if the skill supports locks and thermostats...haven't installed the new firmware yet :slight_smile:

In case anyone is looking to enable the Alexa Skill, please log into your Amazon Alexa app on the web or phone and go to "Skills" then search for "Hubitat".

@denise.grider , the skill covers locks, in addition to switches and dimmers.

Example phrases are:
"Alexa, set the living room lamp to 20 percent"
"Alexa, set the hallway lights to cool white"
"Alexa, brighten the bedroom lights"
"Alexa, dim the living room"
"Alexa, set the kitchen light to 50"
"Alexa, change the bathroom light to blue"
"Alexa, is the front door locked?"
"Alexa, [lock / unlock] the back door" (Unlocking is now supported by creating a voice code in the Alexa app)


So the Alexa skill doesn't support thermostats? Hopefully that will be added in the future--it's the one device I still have paired directly to SmartThings for this reason. But there are some things that look really nice, like inquiring about device status ("is the front door locked?"--and I'd like to see "is there motion in the hallway," for example, if that's not supported yet). I look forward to trying this update!


It seems the Hubitat skill is not available outside US.

Any idea when the ones north of the Wall will have access to it?

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So basically it's a one or the other kind of thing now? Skill or "Amazon Echo App"? What happens if I enable the skill and had no problem with Alexa finding my devices in the past? Do I now get 2 of every device?