So I installed the Alexa app in the portal and added the one switch I added to Hubitat for testing so now what? How do I may Alexa learn Hubitat devices? I dont see it in to add

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Just say “Alexa, Discover my devices”

Edit: we use the direct local network discovery, no skills app needed at this point.


ok you got me that is some cool S%$ coming from ST and having delays… Man rebuild will be a chore but it will be good in the end I am sure


My Alexa turns on/off lights before she can even say “Ok” :slight_smile: It’s that fast.


This sounds similar to how Alexa discovers Hue lights on the LAN, correct? I am curious if the On/Off commands from Alexa are also “direct local network” from the Echo to the Hubitat hub? Or does the hub have a persistent connection to the Amazon Alexa cloud to receive its commands?


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Works same way. No cloud needed (except for Alexa) also means we are a bit limited into what we can provide to Alexa as well, mainly just lighting controls.

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ah yes but virtual switches that connect to Harmony hubs or other devices the possibilities are limitless.


@patrick can Alexa not see switches etc? If not is that on the roadmap? Thanks

Should. Did you remember to add them to the Alexa app in Hubitat apps section?

I just tried and mine does the same thing, man, that is super fast!!! Love It!!!

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Thanks Patrick I didn’t and have now done that. Thanks for the reply.

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Trust me, I forget to do that step every time I add something new, I’m like why won’t alexa discover this new device… Then, smh, I have to add it to the app first :slight_smile:

This should be in the portal as well as a reminder to enable the device in the Hubitat Axela app… Having to search the community for this not ideal.

is there a way to make a Hubitat switch trigger a group in Alexa? In the process of migrating from ST and some things cannot be moved until my thermostat and Harmony hubs are supported. I could put an ST switch in a group and trigger it with a virtual switch in Hubitat via Alexa.

I have added the Echo App and assigned two switches and have asked Alexa to Discover my Devices. She doesn’t find anything. What should I be looking to do next?

I had to manually discover from Alexa app for my switches to be discovered.

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Assume these were previously on SmartThings? If so, I had to have her forget all devices and then complete discover again. The best way to get her to forget all is to login to via computer/tablet browser, not a phone and click link there. If you haven’t removed the device from ST, make sure it’s removed from the Alexa Connect app. If all this fails, reboot Hubitat via settings. I had to do that once too. Then rediscover.

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Thank you @stephack and @ritchierich.

Much easier when you don’t over think it. :slight_smile:

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Has anybody else noticed some strange Alexa “Routine” behavior using Hubitat devices? I have a “Good Morning” and a “Good Night” pair of Alexa Routines that I use to wake up the house in the morning, and shut things down at night.

As part of these routines, specific Lights are turned on/off. What I have noticed is that none of my Hubitat devices in Alexa can be directly controlled from within an Alexa Routine. I have to make an Alexa Group, add the Hubitat Device to the Group, then add the new Alexa Group to the Alexa Routine. After doing so, my routines work as expected.

Has anyone else had this behavior with Alexa Routines?

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Just got my hub today… I can’t get Alexa to discover devices…

So far -

  • I’ve removed them from Alexa (they were previously in ST) - I still have other ST devices in there…
  • Added them to the Alexa APP on Hubitat
  • Rebooted Hubitat
  • Deleted Alexa APP and re installed

I’ve only brought over my kitchen switches (all GE, 2 rockers, 1 dimmer), but haven’t gone any further because my family uses Alexa for most of the lighting control… Anything else to try?