NEO ZigBee Siren Alarm Device Driver

Did you have any success? I have exactly the same model and the same problems. I have tried the driver in HPM and the others recommended by the Heiman owner. No go...

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No, I tried for three days; tried simply changing around the names and models in the driver, even reached out to the creator of the driver/package and they said he was no longer maintaining the package of drivers because of some issue with Hubitat. Probably clusters changed or something but that goes over my head a bit. So...tossed it in a cabinet, uttered the words "maybe one day....", went out to Amazon and bought another Aeotec siren for much more $$ but at least I knew for a fact they work with Hubitat...

I want to stay with Zigbee only so I decided to toss it in a drawer and use a 120v siren with a Zigbee outlet and simple rules for the intrusion devices. A much more simple solution, although not as elegant. Thanks


I hear ya, my preference is Zigbee, as well. I only have a few Z-Wave devices but I can say in my home I don't see much difference between Zigbee and Z-Wave but I still prefer Zigbee for some! Oddly enough, the Aeotec is what I should have gone with from the start in my application. I had the doorbell kit (button and siren) for years and have the siren downstairs for the doorbell and I was able to configure/pair the new siren to the button as well and put that upstairs. We don't get a lot of visitors but sometimes it happens that somebody rings the doorbell while we are sleeping in and we never know. But, also, I spent some time with it to get it just right so both sirens will act as alarms for the new security application I am building with very little trouble so, for me, I probably should have just started with the Aeotec. However, if the NEO ever makes it into Hubitat, I will still have a purpose for it :slight_smile:

Neo produces also a z-wave siren, I have it working in HE using the built-in 'Dome Siren' driver

Does your zigbee siren work?
Is it a repeater (when plugged in via usb)?
Does it have those 18 different sounds?

Hi All,

So I have a NEO Zigbee Siren Alarm (just arrived today) and I'm using the above mentioned driver which shows up as a "Zigbee - Tuya Alarm", when I discover the device it all works perfectly (I can manually select the volume, and the 18 sounds - perfect).

What I'm struggling with is using it in a Rules Engine context. When I select Action to run it needs to know the action type to add - the only one I can choose it would seem is "Control Music Player, Volume, Sounds" and then when I select which action the only one that then subsequently presents my sire is the "Control siren" option - the others such as "Set Volume" don't then go on to give me the option of using my siren??

What am I doing wrong here? I'm a relative newbee so please be gentle.

Thanks in advance.


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I guess what I'm asking is how do I programmatically set the siren volume and number?

A sample rule screenshot would be hugely appreciated.


You may need to look under Custom Actions

Tried that - tried Music Device, Sound, Tone, none of them then present me my device??

So - I've just gone through EVERY available device and I found it, it's showing up under Humidity Device (!!). I can run all the relevant custom actions fine. Thanks


Volume is a config/setting/preference it isn't designed to be changed frequently , dont know if you can change a preference and issue a config commed via RM

HE custom driver for these Tuya models (without temperature and humidity sensors) is now available: [RELEASE] Tuya Smart Siren Zigbee driver

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Thank you so much! I just loaded this up and it works perfectly!