NEO ZigBee Siren Alarm Device Driver

I am looking for a driver for the NEO ZigBee Siren. I'm pretty sure it's Identical to the Z-Wave Siren but using the ZigBee protocol. I would be very grateful if somebody could create the driver for me because I wouldn't know where to start. Thanks!


Well if I could get my hands on one of these we would roll out a driver for it.


Found this 18 sounds, just not sure if volume control

That's the one I purchased

Does it have volume?
@mike.maxwell could a driver be developed remotely sharing debug logs or even remote access eg google desktop?

I don't think it has volume but I does have a built in temperature and humidity sensor. It currently gets added to Hubitat as a Nue Zigbee Scene Controller

I've a z-wave one at the moment and use it as a doorbell/chime so don't want something really loud, but having so many z-wave issues trying to move everything to zigbee

Anything is possible, for me when working with unknown devices I like to have a sniffer running as well, so doing this remotely would be quite time consuming.
Seems eBay us may list these...

@mike.maxwell, I have one on order, if you need one for testing, I could send it out to you as soon as I get it as long as it comes back :wink:

Should get here in about 1 month with shipping delays from china. Also ordered a Zigbee 3.0 relay that also has local control on it hoping it will work as a regular generic switch.

sure, we can do that

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ok, I'll contact you as soon as I get it.


@mike.maxwell @nclark Thank you for organising this. It's very much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here's a little more info about this device:

Probably cheaper (or about the same) to order another directly to Mike and then send it on to you.

Maybe, I'll check prices and see, also do I need two of these especially since I ordered it to play with some ideas without knowing much about it.

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Mine arrived today, any idea a what driver to try?
Found this on git

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Did you try it ?
Did that driver not work ??

I’d be interested in knowing if these Zigbee sirens don’t suffer the same ‘double chime’ issues the Zwave versions seem to.

Add me to the interested party list. These are cheap enough to install around the house + battery backup is a real plus.

I'd love it if they charged the batteries !
I have one of the Dome Zwave units which has the "meh-USB" connector but it doesn't provide charging current to the batteries.

Not had chance to try yet but will post results

Tried it but nothing seems to work when pressing the buttons, messages are showing in the log but I don't know what they're saying

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