Neo CoolCam Power Plug - partially working


Received 5 CoolCam Power Plugs today.

The first three included easily,

The Second one works like a treat using the Neo Coolcam Power Plug built in driver, On Off and full power reporting.

The first and third ones Included are reporting energy usage but cannot be controlled and do not respond to On / Off commands. They do if the driver is changed from the Built in Neo Coolcam Power Plug Driver to Generic Z-Wave Smart Switch.

The fourth took 20+ attempts to Include and did in the end connect but has the same issue as the first and third - everything works except ON/Off functionality using the built in driver Neo Coolcam driver.

The fifth still eludes inclusion - a quick test - I included into an Indigo Zwave network 1st time and the device worked. I then Excluded it from the Indigo Ok and performed a Hard Reset and put the Coolcam Power Plug into include mode and still HE cannot join it.

I went with these power plugs because of the built in driver for it.

Is there anything else I can do to get these working properly?

Failing that is there a way I can change the driver using the Rule Machine - ie switch it to generic zwave to turn it on then switch to Neo Coolcam to get power consumption monitoring working?

The one Coolcam that would not include did include - I found it called DEVICE in Devices.

Looks like if I accepted the default offered by HE of using the Secured Inclusions it breaks the built in driver

So have to exclude them and re-include as NONE to get them working

I have 3 of these plugs. I like the small size, but it comes at a compromise. The internal antenna is smaller than it really should be.

As you can see in this thread, some people have opened them up and soldered in longer antennas:

I haven't done that myself yet, but it's probably coming soon.

Doesn't appear to be a signal issue it is an HE Driver issue with devices added using zwave Plus security

The devices added using Zwave S2 Unauthenticated - default offered by HE for three of the five Coolcams all fail when using On/Off - but ALL work if using the the generic zwave driver -

The two devices where No option was offered by HE and defaulted to NONE work perfectly.

Excluding and re-including the coolcams to use NON now will report back.

But it certainly seems there is a feature/bug in the built in driver for the Coolcam Power Plugs using zwave Plus security


That is it.

On order to use the device using the built in driver you have to disable ALL S2 security and select Security NONE to get it working properly.

Good there is a workaround, and hopefully HE can fix the built in driver