Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor 700

I'd like to ask if there are any possibilities to add additional configuration parameter to default device driver Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor 700 (NAS-PD07).
I would like to have an Advanced Configuration parameter named "Led Indicator Enabled" (This parameter is configured the Led Light on disable or enable. "1" - Enable led blink when device detect a motion event. "0" - Disable led blink. This configuration is not affect inclusion, exclusion and reset.)

Thank in Advance

I wrote a custom driver for this device using all the parameters I could find in the manual (except ones that only applied to Z-Wave Association, which I didn't implement in this driver). However, many of them don't work for me, including parameter 15, "motion clear time," which seems to remain 30 seconds no matter what I try. Pretty much the only thing the Hubitat driver doesn't offer that this one does and actually worked for me was the option for the LED blink, which I suppose is good for your case. :slight_smile: Just don't be surprised about the rest.

Alternatively, you can keep using the built-in driver and just use the Basic Z-Wave Tool or a similar driver to change it. As you'll see in the manual, this is parameter number 1, size 1, and you want value 0. Then, switch back to the regular driver, and ignore the usual advice to hit "Configure" just in case this overwrites your selection (not sure if this driver doesn't include it because it does or because they just didn't know about it).

Hi @bertabcd1234, driver is working fine, Thank you very much!