Neo Coolcam motion detector temperature reporting

Is it something I have done wrong or is my Neo acting strange?

I use it primarily as a temperature sensor and its very sporadic in sending temperatures....

For example:

I've got the temperature reporting threshold set to 0.1C which I thought should wake it up if it shifts by that much?

Or have I done something stupid...

I've just noticed.... its only reporting when the temperature shifts 1.1 degrees C....

Wonder if thats a bug?? I've just tried changing the threshold back to the driver default of 0.5C

Have have not said which model you have. For example this model the lowest you can set it to is 1 degree Celsius. What does your manual say?

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Yes, thats actually the model I have I think...

Reading that doc you linked it says:

Parameter 10: Ambient Temperature Differential Report
This parameter is configured the value that differential between current measured and
previous report value. If the differential value larger than the settings, device will report this
measured temperature value to nodes associated in lifeline.
Size: 1 Byte, Default Value: 5
Setting Description
0 - 127 Differential Value in step 0,1°C

So thats increments of 0.1C (in some european countries a comma is used instead of a fullstop...)

Mine currently looks like this:


So configVal10 is 5... which will be 0.5C interval reporting.

Only its not - I set it to 0.5 interval almost 22 hours ago and its still only reporting 1.1C interval changes :frowning:

I stand corrected. You may want to try this driver.

Or this driver.

Thanks JB - the community driver seems to have fixed it!

Very strange... but hey ho!

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