Need to pass variable from IFTTT or Alexa to HE

The remaining issues need solutions....

I have two WiFi thermometers going through SmartLife to ST, proving temperature for various automations.

I have SmartLife, Alexa, and HE enabled, but I am not sure how to pass a variable from one of those back to HE.

I use the Sinopé Zigbee thermostats to be a lot to do this.

I think that there are some integrations to Wifi thermostats that might allow a direct connection from them to Hubitat. This is what you would need. I can’t think of a way to go from a Wifi Thermostat through SmartLife, Alexa or IFTT to HE.

What type/model thermostat is it? Have you done a search for this model on the forum in case someone else was able to figure this out?

I have looked. They are Tuya WiFi thermometers with humidity. One of a zillion or so variations floating around;

Works great in Smart Life and passing data to ST,

Sorry - I read Thermostat when you wrote Thermometer…

I’m not aware of an integration to this thermometer. Unless someone else knows of one, my recommendation would be to purchase a Zigbee version (assuming one is available) from either Amazon or AliExpress.

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I need one that is electrically powered and that allows me to adjust reporting periods. Tokk a bit to find this one.

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This is spot-on advice. There's a driver from @kkossev for TuYA zigbee versions of the thermostat/humidity_meter/clock that you linked to. See the thread linked below for details


As already proposed in the other thread, the Tuya Cloud Driver integration may work for your existing WiFi thermometers.

I haven't found a way to transfer numeric values from Amazon Alexa to Hubitat (or ST). Actually, it is possible to use the 0..99 value of a virtual dimmer exposed to Alexa, but the problem is that Alexa does not provide convenient triggers to set up the dimmer value. What I couldn't find is a rule 'If temperature changes, then set the virtual dimmer to the temperature sensor value'.