Needed ZWave or Zigbee Thermometer

Due to the inability for HE to handle wi-fi, I need a thermostat that meets certain criteria and available either in zigbee or z-wave.

The device must be able to be powered either by usb, or have AA or AAA batteries so that I can substitute an AC unit for the batteries.

I must be able to set the interval to every 10 minutes and report at .5 degree variations.

I bought the Wi-Fi devices a year ago, after an extensive search so there may be something new out there.

My only alternative is to leave my ST hub online just handle them.

What is AG?

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Did you look into any of the zigbee TuYA temperature/rel. humidity sensors that were linked to in the other thread that you started?

I did, the power is the issue with those. I have the latest round of those going back tomorrow because they did not match specz.

There is a Zooz model that is good, except i would like one with a screen if there isn one out there.

Autocorrected HE, i human corrected it. LOL

Am I correct that you have an existing device that works with SmartThings?

If so, do you have access to the driver code? It may be possible to port it.

There is no "inability for HE to handle wi-fi" a wi-fi node is just another network node on your LAN and is reachable from your Hubitat hub (assuming your network is properly configured). The "problem" with wi-fi devices is many (most?) of them don't have open api's. If you have an IP device with an open api, it should be possible to write a driver for it.

[I didn't see the second thread when I posted but there may still be some value in my comment so I think I will leave it.]

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What I have currently, is Tuya LCD thermometers. They are tied through the Smart Life app and then the smart life hands everything over to ST. They weren't that expensive or anything, about 20 bucks a piece. But, I could plug them into a USB port for power and they did have an LCD screen. I could also send a refresh or a pain command and get them to update the temperature at will. Which is what I needed.

The only.issue i ever had was that it slip over to C from time to time. So i built a quick converter routine.

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There's already a device driver for integrating Tuya devices. The developer is pretty responsive, so if it doesn't pick up your thermostat, just drop a note in the thread.

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Yes, and he has already been in touch. I've taken a look at it and even started the developer program to get the api.

My nature is to look at all possible solutions and then pick the best from the bunch. His solution leaves me in that hardware, perhaps there is new hardware that I'm unaware of.

I do appreciate your response.

Cool. Just making sure you were aware.

After a bit of sleuthing, the closest I was able to come was this Tuya one, but it's out of stock:

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Nice find! I have put a Watch on it.

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