Need something that beeps when contact sensor opens/closes

If you were talking to me, then that response was about the Ecolink Siren.

It's more reliable than a lot of the other sirens, but when using it as a door chime it sometimes plays the sound more than once and I have had to hit off more than once a couple of times to get the siren to turn off.

Darn, that's not going to work then.

I'm currently using Alexa to do TTS. I rather a beep that TTS!

I started with a door chime using the dome siren. Until I got my google chromecast speaker working.... Now using that to announce which door was opened.

It's cool but can be annoying when people are repeatedly going in/out a door and the announcement play too frequently. I'm new to hubitat and rule machine -- is there an easy way to play the door announcement but ONLY if the door hasn't already been opened (and announced) within a period of time? For example door announcement only occurs if the door wasn't previously opened within the past 3 minutes?

How did you get it to work? Did you right a rule?

I have never worked with the private Boolean or custom commands. Opportunity knocks.

This can be done using the notificatin announcements. Tell it not to announce after a period of time.

Frustrated to the max. I have looked into each rule type and cannot find how to get the Centralite keypad to beep on contact change.

It seems to me this should be dead on simple. Contact opens or closes (changed), keypad beeps. I don't see anything that talks about notification announcements except where I can use TTS to my mini speaker or sent notifications to my smart phone.

Would someone please post a simple rule that demonstrates how to beep a Centralite on contact open or closed?

It is even more frustrating when no one responds. My wife is ready to stash Hubitat and Konnected because she wants the danged beeps.

something like this...

The Action looks like...

Thanks, but "Beep: Iris Keypad" is not an option for Action Type in Rule 4 or 3 . Send or Speak a Message is there and I have that working.

Is it possible I need a driver? When I installed the Centralite, I assumed the driver would be part of Hubitat already. Do I need User Driver Code from somewhere?

Have you looked at a custom action?

I just added a virtual Centralite Keypad (since I don't own one) and was able to get a Custom Action to call the 'beep' command of the keypad. It was not straightforward, since the Centralite Keypad Device Driver does not implement the Actuator Capability like most devices do. It does implement the Motion Capability though, and thus I was able to select it, and then choose the 'beep()' command. This is in Rule Machine 4.0. Hope this helps.

I am dumbfounded. I would have never figured this out without your help.

This seems to be broken IMHO. The keypad is also an annunciator. It should be treated like one in RM.

Is there a way to change the number of times it beeps? I tried using parameter (3), but that broke the rule.


I am using a Centralite keypad v3. I have the chimes working when the doors open, but not through Rule Manager.

I actually installed Nyckelharpa, an app here. I am using that in place/in conjunction with HSM. I am able to define the number of "chimes" from the keypad. The developer is quite responsive.

Take a look at the forum post here on it, and DM me if you need screenshots from my setup.


Thanks to JasonJoel for the recommendation on boolean logic. I'm still a bit confused about how to apply private booleans but this was a simple and easy way to get started. As he recommended, I just made the private boolean a condition for the chime announcement to operate. ...and then turned the private boolean off when the chime condition was true. When the chime condition was false I turned the private boolean on after a 3 min delay. ...and it works! My chime fires when the door is opened but doesn't keep announcing if the door is repeatedly opened and closed in a short period of time (several people coming/going at once or retrieving multiple items from the garage etc)


I was looking for the same thing as the apartment I lived in previous to where I'm at now came with a free ADT system that had that chime, wanted the same sound for a similar reason. I did a spectral analysis of a youtube video I found of that chime playing, and I think it's just one 3100hz tone with 60ms on, 60ms off, 60ms on, 60ms off, repeating however many times, and where I was at, it was four times for the door chime.

So, I created a synthetic version:

This should be close to what the real ADT panel sounds like, but since I'm pretty sure it uses a piezo (like those found in greeting cards, car horns, etc) you're not going to get quite the same effect if played back through the kind of speaker you might use to listen to music. This might be better done using hubduino, but I've yet to dip my hands into that.

What do you play this through?

It's FLAC encoded (lossless compression) you can convert it to pretty much any format using audacity. Most players should work with it as-is though, including VLC.

No I’m wondering what device you use ?

Something very impractical :slight_smile: Though this does sound like a super easy first arduino project due to how simple the circuitry is, so I might be going with that long-term, though this audio file I made is basically useless for that.