Need something that beeps when contact sensor opens/closes


If you were talking to me, then that response was about the Ecolink Siren.

It's more reliable than a lot of the other sirens, but when using it as a door chime it sometimes plays the sound more than once and I have had to hit off more than once a couple of times to get the siren to turn off.


Darn, that's not going to work then.

I'm currently using Alexa to do TTS. I rather a beep that TTS!


I started with a door chime using the dome siren. Until I got my google chromecast speaker working.... Now using that to announce which door was opened.

It's cool but can be annoying when people are repeatedly going in/out a door and the announcement play too frequently. I'm new to hubitat and rule machine -- is there an easy way to play the door announcement but ONLY if the door hasn't already been opened (and announced) within a period of time? For example door announcement only occurs if the door wasn't previously opened within the past 3 minutes?