Need something that beeps when contact sensor opens/closes

I have two of the Xfinity keypads and they are not loud either.

Yep !
I’ve got the Neo and it has definitely got the multiple chime issue.
It DOES have USB power in addition to batteries though :+1:t3:
However the USB power does NOT charge batteries. :-1:t3:

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I've already written ST handlers for the Aeotec Doorbell 6 and Aeotec Siren 6 so if there isn't a dedicated Hubitat driver by the time it's released then I'll port mine.

ST doesn't support the Sound Switch command class either, but my handler is fully functional because I'm sending/parsing the raw z-wave commands. I've already tested that the raw commands work with Hubitat so that won't be an issue.

You need it to change the chime volume which I just added that functionality to my ST handler.

The major benefit to the Zooz Multisiren is that you can add your own sound files to it and I don't believe they're limited to 20 seconds which is the limit for the Aeotec Doorbell GEN5.

It has the same duplicate beep issue as Dome and Zooz ZSE19, but the version with the red LED will work with the Dome driver. The new version with the blue led should be able to play sounds using the Dome driver, but I believe some of the configuration parameters are different and sound #9 is silent which allows you to use the device like a strobe.

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That is what I was thinking too. Not a big deal parsing a single class that isn't implemented with the raw data - I've had to do it before, but has been a while.

Even better that you have already done it though. :smile:


So which one is this ?

For something completely different, any old computer or laptop or even an RPi can run VLC which will listen on port 8080 and VLCThing can send sounds or voice Porting VLCthing. I have my laptop (I work from home) on a static IP, and VLC running in the background, so I get notices for all kinds of things right at my desk. I also have another laptop that I use as a media center, and is always on, and has VLC running in the background to announce to whomever is listening. Tells me which door and when. Also announces presence arrivals and departures. It's 2019, why settle for just a beep?:wink:

Laptop speaks are the pits for one.

HaHa, I'm usually on headphones.. (tru HiFi!:wink:), and the other one is hooked to a speaker system.

Looks just like the one I have but mine is Blue not Green.
The multiple chimes is a source of bemusement as sometimes it'll just do a single chime when the front door opens, for days and then all of a sudden it'll do 2, 3 even up to 6 at once.
I initially thought it might have been contact "bounce" or multiple triggering but it is NOT. As others have discovered it seems to be a bug in the device, seen across multiple platforms.

It's been demoted to REDUNDANT status and replaced by a Google Home Mini which works great and can do so much more.

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I would like to do this with Alexa but can source out a good chime sound to use.

I've been using this ..Welcome


I think that might be a new version of the blue one and it will most likely work with the Dome driver, but I have no idea if the configuration is the same as the other versions.

How about this thing?

There's a built-in Hubitat handler and the device has a "beep beep" sound that would work OK for opening a door.

It also has a repeating beep sound that beeps about once per second and that's what I use during my entry/exit delays.

It's more reliable then some of the other devices mentioned, but it's not perfect.

There's a dial that allows you to adjust the volume, but it doesn't make much of a difference and it changes the volume for both the siren and beeps.

More details? What device are you using to beep?

If you were talking to me, then that response was about the Ecolink Siren.

It's more reliable than a lot of the other sirens, but when using it as a door chime it sometimes plays the sound more than once and I have had to hit off more than once a couple of times to get the siren to turn off.

Darn, that's not going to work then.

I'm currently using Alexa to do TTS. I rather a beep that TTS!

I started with a door chime using the dome siren. Until I got my google chromecast speaker working.... Now using that to announce which door was opened.

It's cool but can be annoying when people are repeatedly going in/out a door and the announcement play too frequently. I'm new to hubitat and rule machine -- is there an easy way to play the door announcement but ONLY if the door hasn't already been opened (and announced) within a period of time? For example door announcement only occurs if the door wasn't previously opened within the past 3 minutes?

How did you get it to work? Did you right a rule?

I have never worked with the private Boolean or custom commands. Opportunity knocks.