Need some Wyze words of advice


I set up a virtual motion sensor device with a switch for an input which IFTTT toggles based on motion activity of my Wyzecam. Let me know if you want the driver. It works well!


Further more local processing for those notifications and live streams would be gold. I don't even want it in the Dashboard. If we could receive a notification and then ask Google to put in on the cast would be all I wanted.


This works and it sounds like you're doing that already. My IFTTT response time is around 7 seconds. Hoping I can shorten that with Webhooks, but I'm I webhooks noob, so will need to get my hands dirty.


It's not fast, but you can use the motion detection to close a virtual switch, and therefor use it with any automation. It's just the speed that will be an issue in most instances. Webhooks sounds promising though. 2-3 seconds!

Issue I'm finding with their current motion detection algorithm is it's too sensitive to things that are not alive. Like snow!


My response time is right around there with the default IFTTT Wyze and Hubitat implementations. I open the door and when I'm on the last step down my porch I feel my watch buzz.


7 seconds or 2-3 seconds ?


It's surprisingly fast for IFTTT.
I'm satisfied but replacing it soon anyway with the Nest Hello.


Nice. You seem to have very fast responses with IFTTT. I recall your triggers of ST via IFTTT for Alexa routines was also much faster than I was able to achieve.


I wonder if I'm closer geographically.
I know that means a little bit in regards to latency.
Could shave a second or two.


I've been having problems with IFTTT and Wyze ever since @SmartHomePrimer jinxed me by getting me to say I didn't have a problem. :wink: Neither enabling/disabling motion record or recording clips on-demand has been working at all for the past week and I went in and reset the Wyze service in IFTTT so annoying!

Do you know with TinyCam you can have a cam automatically stream to Google Home Hub or Chromecast through Tasker? :smiley: that's been my newest toy. Have it set up to automatically show my driveway when someone pulls in. Stuff like that.


I did not! That sounds cool!

In fairness IFTTT did not work at all for my Wyzecam for months...


Yeah, there's a function in TinyCam Pro to cast a particular cam and GHH is a video device, so it work. And if you have TCP and Tasker on the same device, you'll see that the TinyCam Pro plugin shows up automatically in tasker. I have it set up using AutoRemote in tasker so that when HE wants it to, I use an HTTP get request from HE to Tasker to display the cam on my GHH. It takes about 3-4 seconds to render and show up but still, pretty darn cool if you ask me. If you need further details just let me know.


Here's a little help for the IFTTT - Webhooks connection. See if this helps.


@Ryan780 do you also use the Join app by joaoapps (same guy that makes tasker)?
If I remember correctly, this seems to have very similar functionality to The AutoRemote app. I used up my trial when I was creating the driver for HE a while back so I can't verify.

I would like to test your cast setup but I only want to purchase one of these apps. If you have both, can you make a recommendation?


@stephack I know you did not ask me but...

Join and autoremote do have some overlapping functionality. All of the autoapps support the autoapps command system.

Your Join driver can easily be modified to use autoremote as well (i have done it).

Autoremote can communicate directly over your local network. Join requires a cloud.

Personally I prefer the JOIN lately because it is more of a cross platform thing.


This might be the deciding factor for me..but I remember really liking the Join messaging setup. The only reason I didn't buy it was because I just bought pushover and couldn't justify the cost/benefit.


Join is great. It has a nifty ability to paste your clipboard between devices. Is great when I need pass data between android devices and my pc.


I use autoremote only for this one because it can run local and work even if my internet is down. Now, i don't know if the cast will actually work when the internet is down but I figured it would still be faster. I use Join for something else. But with Autoremote you can get away without paying for the plugin. The free version allows you a message of 2 characters. So, technically you can get 1296 messages without having to pay for the plugin. I use 01, 02, 03 and you can go all the way through ZZ. :slight_smile:

But i definitely paid for Join. I use it to get Actionable Notifications from Hubitat, so I can disarm HSM right from my notification on my phone.


I'm waiting for your tutorial :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I got autoremoteLite installed and was able to send a message using the remote url. How do I send a message locally?