Need some Wyze words of advice

I know some of you have Wyze, so I'm wondering if you have advice on eliminating notifications from shadows? Every night my porch light turns off at 11:30pm and the shadow created by that make it notify me of motion. I have the sensitivity turned all the way down and I have a narrow detection zone created.

Since I have it setup to turn my porch light back on for 4 minutes when it detects motion at night, the light turning off causes motion detection and then turns it back on. This only happens once, since the light then turns off again if 4 minutes, and the timeout for re-arming motion detection is 5 minutes. I've been thinking the only way to solve this is going to be to disable motion detection just before the light turns off, and then re-enable it right after.

All ideas are welcomed and appreciated.

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I would do it differently...
In Theory i would disable motion detection of the camera and would a reliable motion sensor. Than that motion sensor would trigger the camera.

I have no wayze camera to test it out.
Well not today as the courier miss my Amazon delivery. So hopefully tomorrow I'm receiving mine and can help testing if needed.

P.s how do integrate with HE? IFTT?

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Yes and thank you for the suggestion. Someone else here suggested a regular motion sensor for the Wyze too. Cannot recall whom it was,

I have considered this, but I'm leaning toward a stop gap solution, as Wyze have said this is an issue they're planning to address this year. I'm also in a cold climate half the year, so I don't want to fuss with batteries dying quickly or converting a battery powered motion sensor. I also don't want to spend more than the price of the camera on a motion sensor, just to fix a problem with the camera motion detection that Wyze is aware of and actively trying to fix. Hopefully that will be corrected with a firmware update before the year is out.

Yes, integration is via IFTTT. Very fast too. at about 4 to 7 seconds on average.

Webhooks? Ifttt with HE, create a rule to disable motion with delay to re enable, need two applets in ifttt, 2 maker from HE. (Or adding the webhooks to the rule of your motion lighting)



I've got the same deal going on with my front porch.
When my front porch light dims late at night it creates an event.
I don't use it as an alarm device though.
Lots of headlights hit my detection zone...

Same case for me but with ring doorbell pro, same motion detection as wyze, during night lot of headlights so I had to reduce the detection zone, but during the day, the shadows of a front palm tree triggers anyway, so I have no way to solve the problem :frowning:


Is this a lot faster than the built-in IFTTT integration?

It uses ifttt, it should be the same speed, i mean the maker api from HE will communicate with ifttt, ifttt with wyze

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I have the same issue and don't have a good solution--except that my porch lights are controlled by other motion sensors, so the problem occurring is pretty rare for me. I know, I know, you don't want to do that, but honestly, I'm not sure this "problem" will ever be fixed for two reasons:

  1. Most motion sensors use IR, but Wyze must just analyze the pixels from its camera (I don't think it has a PIR sensor). I'm sure more intelligent software can overcome/compensate for some of this, but I don't know to what extent.
  2. This camera isn't intended to be used outdoors (though they hint that it's probably OK if protected from the elements and not with the lens in direct sunlight). As you may know, they are planning to introduce an outdoor camera soon. I hope more outdoor-appropriate model would reduce false motion alarms, but changes in the sun can also trigger PIR sensors. Hopefully software can overcome most of that (less sensitivity during daylight, for example, and perhaps combined with the existing, presumably pixel-based detection). I guess I'm assuming your porch is somewhat outdoors (mine is open on three sides so pretty much is).

But they are great at listening to customers, so hopefully they'll at least improve the situation, and maybe I'm wrong about the capabilities of the hardware. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking, you can do the same creating a virtual switch, then linking the switch to ifttt, switch on is motion on, switch off is motion off. I have plans to install a wyze cam in my porch to help the ring pro, of course in another angle, but not yet, so I can't test now.

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That’s what I was thinking too. Going to try that for tonight and see how well it works. Thanks again

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Thanks Robert. My porch is covered, and the camera, mounted right above the door is 5 feet back from the front, and 12 feet from the left, 15 feet from the right. So well protected, and in an outdoor case. Although open at the front, the tests I’ve seen suggested these are pretty resilient and it should hold up.

Looks like maybe shutting off the motion detection with IFTTT and then turning it back in after the light is out maybe my best bet until they can try to fix the issue.

Appreciate the suggestions.

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Obviously mine is outside too.
For $20 it's worth it if it is ruined.
Then I buy a better one.

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As soon as the 512mb microsd card arrives, I am going to try putting that Dafang hack on one of my cameras. If it goes well, I should be able to use the camera locally, which is what I am looking for...

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Please post your progress here. I was unable to access the audio stream locally and the video feed was a bit poor. Hopefully you have greater success and I can follow your steps to get there.


I will! But dang, not happy to read your experience :persevere:

I bought an extra camera just to tinker with, so the others will be OK if I fail. I mostly want the cameras to keep an eye on things so I won't be super disappointed with no audio, but any video stream worse than what I get now will not be a good thing. Do you have any idea why the video feed would not be as good as when going through the cloud? Or does it not go through the cloud once you get the app connected to your wireless?

The dafang firmware should make it all local. I actually don't remember all the steps I took because I researched and did it all the same night. There were quite a few posts about solving the problems I had. I tried a few...they didn't work and I haven't touched the camera since then. It's very low on my priority list.

I may give it shot again soon but I'm lazy and I would prefer to just follow a success story :wink:.

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There were a couple Wyze hacks out there (I can't remember the other one for the life of me right now) but they both had their issues. I'm hoping with the announcement below that somebody would be able to reverse engineer it to work with anything and maybe find new API calls to keep things local. More than likely it will only work with their NAS drive for now but who knows where they may go.

I like using their app. I just wish I could issue on/off commands to it locally and record directly to my NAS. This might add a lot of wifi traffic though.

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If the bulb hotspot that is triggering the Wyze notification is close to the edge of your camera view, you might be able to tweak the detection zone a bit and take that hot spot out of camera view.

They've committed to RTSP support and better "AI" control over motion detection, as well as Google Home integration this year.

There's also this interview from Allison Sheridan with basically the same, but not quite as detailed info that Rose Thibodeaux gathered. It's sounding good.