MyRadar API

If anyone has had any thoughts about finding a way to incorporate MyRadar (weather) in to hubitat, they have a portal for their developer API Home - MyRadar Developer API Portal

I'd do it , but that's way over my head, but it would be nice to use them for a weather source. If someone does something with this I would be happy to help test it out though!

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The API is simple enough, 1000 free calls a month.

They do provide a lot of data! :hushed:

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My weather station died last week, so I need to get some weather data into Hubitat. This might be a good choice.

Will look into it further soon.


If you are able to do anything with this, getting their radar on a tile would be awesome (if possible) .


Loving my Weatherflow Tempest that I just got

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I'm trying out Hubigraph's radar tile which uses but it doesn't display properly on apple phone or tablet

Trying to make me jealous? I kinda have ADHD with this stuff right now.

Keeping in mind I don't necessarily know what I'm looking at, but I saw something in their API about a drop in replacement for Dark Sky , not sure if that would make a difference or not (just know that Dark Sky was taken over by Apple) .


Live data from my Tempest, enjoy

Available attributes


Put a couple of hours into this today...

MyRadar beta can be found in Bundle Manager. :grin:

Funny thing is, there are no radar images in MyRadar API :man_shrugging:


You are awesome!!

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Once i found it, got this message

There was an issue getting the app ID (null)

When I get to a computer I'll get you a log unless you want a mobile screen shot?

Grrrr.... Just tried to install it on another hub and got the same thing. I'll look into it. Thanks!

The file did install though, so you can play.

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Found it, typo in the Github json file. :roll_eyes:



Ok I installed this bundle and subscribed to get a key. I've got lots of info but what an I supposed to do with it now. Is anybody working on a dashboard component for this info? Any word on a radar?

Weird hubigraph radar tile works ok on android Phone...

Doesn't work well on ios or firefox. Works fine in chrome.

May need to add

#tile-xx .tile-primary {height:100%}

to make it work in FireFox and Safari.

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We have the source . Should be easy enough to add.

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