MyQ or Zooz Relay? About to begin Garage Door Automation

I've reached the Garage Door Automation part of my Smart Home. I'd like to be able to set notifications on my inovello switches if a door is left open and if it is open to be able to close it.

After doing some research I can't tell what the best/easiest/most reliable path is to automate my garage doors. There appears to be two different paths, myQ or Relay. I have Chamberlin openers but 2 of the 3 aren't Wifi. (The wifi opener is in the 2nd garage and I don't have a need to automate it)

Either way it looks like I need tilt sensors for each door (considering Ecolink sensors) to work in Hubitat. Since the openers I want to automate aren't Wifi I'll need 2 myQ hubs if I go the myQ way. Or I could use the Zooz Zen16 Relay to control both doors by the looks of it and save some $$.

Am I correct in all this? What am I missing? It seems to me the relay is the easiest way to go with Hubitat for what I want to do. Or is it better to go myQ and still have control through the myQ app and through hubitat as well?

The disadvantage of MyQ Lite is that it goes through the cloud to Chamberlain/LiftMaster, just like the MyQ app. The advantage of MyQ Lite is that you can monitor the status of the garage door, and control it, when you are away from home using the MyQ app, without having to VPN into your network.

I use the MyQ Lite app on Hubitat with a contact sensor, works well, always has.


MyQ doesn’t have an open API, so all the integrations for it are hacks. I use it, but only because it’s built in to my opener, and I keep debating migrating to a local solution. I would go with the Zooz solution.


I agree. I use MyQ lite because I had the hardware setup in wink already.

But they could change the api tomorrow and break it for us. Possible permanently.

I will not buy anything chamberlain again. Period. Just for this reason.

I like the Zooz solution + sensor.

Btw I don’t use a tilt sensor. I use it in contact mode.


I've been going back and fourth on direction for MyQ garage door openers. Done the research and know what parts I need to build a setup with Zooz relay wired to a Chamberlain Security+ push button to work with modern openers that have security.

However I have to say, the MyQ Lite app in HE is working great for the past several months. I was using a Homebridge plug-in but it seemed like MyQ was breaking the API ever other week. However the MyQ Lite app seems to be immune to these changes as it's unchanged for months and still works great. I'm using with Ecolink Z-wave tilt sensors, which I would need with the Zooz relay if I went that way.

I'm still not happy with the MyQ app nor the fact it relies on the internet to work. I'm sure once I get a bunch of other smart home stuff done I will circle back and swap to the Zooz relay setup.

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I have MyQ on three doors and wish I hadn't purchased it. As others have noted, it's cloud based, which creates a dependency on your internet and their server being up and running, and as others have noted, they don't have an open API. When possible, a local solution with hardwired relays is just better, and part of my future plans.


If you already have the MyQ, might as well use it while it still works. If you have to start from scratch, I would use another solution, probably something like that Zooz relay that is a standard Zwave device.

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With a tilt sensor I can see the status of my garage door. I've got it added to a dashboard too and can see/control it when away from home without needing a VPN. Here's what my current dashboard looks like. We've been doing some reorganizing in the garage, so my wife must be out there working on it now :slight_smile:


I like the Zen16. I have it controlling 3 Chamberlain Security+ openers. Ecolink tilt sensors. Also use SmartThings arrival sensors for the cars.

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Could you share the Zen16 relay to Security+ opener setup you did? I found some info online were basically you have to manually solder the wires from the relay to certain points on the Security+ push button which is in-line between the relay and garage opener. I am very comfortable with custom electronics and soldering, but just curious if this is the same setup you used?

I also have Ecolink tilt sensors on the doors. Going to look into those car occupancy sensors though, sounds neat.

FWIW, regarding remote access to garage openers without VPN. If you are an Apple user, then I highly recommend you install an instance of Homebridge (free99). That will bring all of your Hubitat locally controlled devices into Apple HomeKit. Then you can use the Home app on your phone/tablet from anywhere in the world to securely control all of your Hubitat smart home automation. Not to mention Siri voice control works amazingly. And again, no additional costs if you are an Apple user already, just time in setting up. (oh you do need an HomeKit hub, so there is potentially cost there for some users)


Just for you, I took a couple of pictures, lol. The black rectangular thing is the Zen16. The motion detector sits very nicely on top, but is unrelated.


don't do wifi unless you have reliable wifi there, but def stay away from myq

i did have a thread about my experience creating a garage door opener. it is pretty lengthy overall, but i did use a z-wave outlet and a relay (which would be consolidated into a zen-16 for your case), and i haven't had any issues with it. i also have a strong z-wave network, so i didn't need to worry about coverage in my garage (i also have a z-wave switch to control my garage lights). it also has an alternative to make your own tilt sensor instead of buying one, and the combination of it all has worked flawlessly for me

Tell me more about this HomeBridge. I’ve heard of it before but never thought it was as simple as you make it seem. I have 3 Apple 4K TVs so I should be good on the Apple side of things.

I just recently unplugged my MyQ gateway for good after going the route of “The Hookup” video.

My panel is one if the fancy control panel types but jumping two points on the circuit board accomplishes the task of mimicking the open/close button.

I have the ZEN16 + the ecolink tilt sensor and it works good for a Liftmaster Security+ from around 1997 area (red button). Using the Zooz app/driver. My wall button has a LED in it and a button for the light and I originally hooked it up the "normal" way with the button going to SW and the opener on the Relay. Only advantage of this is the ZEN16 is aware of when you press the button. Disadvantage is if it locks up for some reason your button wont work (happened once). I rewired it similar to the directions showing if you want to keep your light button except I just put both the button and the opener into the R1 on the ZEN16 which give you the same effect with less wires if the ZEN16 is mounted near the opener. Now the LED on the button works again as well. I did not have to do anything to the wall button or any custom modifications. All I needed was a 4ft piece of bell wire from ACE and a 1A USB power block. I also got some crimp on U wire connectors just to make it nice and tidy on the opener where I had 3 wires going to one screw post.

A friend of mine has a MyQ he got on black Friday for $17 (lite model maybe?). He said when he pairs it up it seems to boot his wall keypad off and it wont work anymore. Possibly at the pairing limit for the opener. Not sure if this is the case exactly but something to consider. The ZEN16 is all hard wired which to me is an advantage.

You need to install HB on a server somewhere usually an RPI. Very simple to install if you follow the instructions on the HB site or use docker. Keep in mind you cannot share Apple devices with HE it only works HE to HK. The workaround for that is to expose virtual devices in HE and have rules in HK that control those.

My setup is a Homekit Hub on a HomePod Mini, Homebridge server on an RPI4 and HomeBridge V2 app by @tonesto7. Works great.

I think the zooz relay will be the most straightforward. While I'm not a huge zwave fan the ecolink garage door sensors have been really great. Great battery life and very robust and I like the mounting solution. That would be a very straightforward install.

Another option not mentioned (but more pricey) is the Garadget. It's an all in one unit that uses WiFI and a laser sensor built in to detect closed. No garage door tilt sensor required. It talks on both the local network (MQTT) and has a cloud based app. You can actually use either/or or both together. If you don't have MQTT you would have to add a broker...if you already have MQTT broker then this is a good option and SUPER easy to install.

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Just set up HomeBridge on a Raspberry Pi. Pretty happy with it so far!!!!

Zoozs relay and tilt sensors going in this weekend!

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