[MyQ] He's dead, Jim

So this is what's going on with HA... They don't have a solution either. They do seem to have more detail though


Not directly. But they have moved a bunch of their cloud backend, and had some transitory breaking changes in that process.

One could assume they moved around the backend for cost savings/restructuring.

One could just as easy assume they moved around their backend in preparation for making a pay to use model...

With a lot of people slamming Life360's cloud servers with high frequency refresh requests that their backend was never designed for, it is only a matter of time (my OPINION) before they Cry Uncle and have to do something about the reverse engineered access...


Go local. Works with any garage door.
I went with a Zooz Zen16 relay, Aeotec/Smarthing Content sensor which has a title mode (and temp), and this app instead of the Zooz one. [Release] Garage Door Opener App - LGK Virtual Garage Door - #119 by SoundersDude

Can't remember why, but this app worked better for me vs the Zooz version.

Interesting article about MyQ with some alternatives:


I just purchased two of these units from Konnected as a possible solution, will update once I get them delivered and installed.


Looks promising
Yes keep us updated. Im interested

Update: 5 days, after two spontaneous garage door openings this morning I've removed the Konnected blaQ. After two years with the MyQ device I've not had an unexpected door opening. It no longer works with Hubitat but works fine with their mobile app and all I really need is a way to double check that the doors are closed and the ability to remotely close them and MyQ performed that. I can live without the almost never used dashboard closing and would never automate garage door closing. Back to Amazon. I'll watch its evolution.

I just installed the Konnected Garage door Opener blaQ device for my 17 yr old Chamberlain opener. I had previously bought a myQ device to control it from Hubitat and Alexa. I now have local Hubitat control again via the blahQ as well as maintaining the Amazon Garage deliveries and the MyQ app still works from the phone if need be.