[MyQ] He's dead, Jim

Official statement:


WOW that is really stupid!


Walled garden, same approach many others have taken. Some chose to let people reverse engineer the API, and others try to block it on purpose, probably both cases in the name of profits. Sounds like too many people with bad configs are hammering their API and causing issues, or at least that's what they want you to think. If everything runs through their own software they have more control, and can control their costs better.

MyQ has a HUGE market share, its pretty cheap, and super simple. If someone I know wants to automate a garage door quick and easy I say to just get a MyQ kit (or the newer Wyze kit that uses a camera).

Hopefully Matter will start to open peoples eyes and break down some of the walls. Companies who don't move forward will get left behind in the dust.


Two points.

  1. Lots of great ways to go local and avoid using the MyQ interface. Search the forum, pick an approach, and never look back.
  2. We need a freaking LOVE button in this forum for excellent uses like this of the "He's Dead, Jim" meme. Bravo.

I ordered the ratgdo and will bring it over from Home Assistant. It's provides more information than the relay based alternatives and ends up being cheaper too.



Thanks for the heads up on this project!

Yeah same, that things looks nice and is a slap in the face to Chamberlin. Hopefully they do not get sued over it somehow. If I ever get a new opener that uses the Security+2.0 will definitely check it out.

Too bad I think the only way to connect it to HE is through a separate system, not everyone has a home server to install other apps on.

Should be able to bring it directly into Hubitat via the custom/user ESPHome integration floating around out there.


lol, same! Thanks for the info!

These work great. My opener is MyQ ready, but it didn't have it when we bought the house. I bought a Refoss for HomeKit (same thing as Meross for HomeKit) and just soldered the contacts to the open button (that way it still sends the encyrpted signal to the garage door opener).

Took me 30 minutes. No subscription and no software to worry about.

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:point_up: This gets a +1 from me.

I've been following the MyQ integration since I built my garage in 2020. Everything worked fine until they changed the API. That's when I moved everything local and never looked back. So much better.

From the link in the OP:

Chamberlain Group, a Blackstone company

That explains a lot.


In other words:

"Screw anyone who has already bought our product. We want to monetize access to it so we can make even more money"

To which I say, I will never buy a product from that company ever again in my lifetime and will do my best to convince everyone I know to buy a competitor's product as well.

[raises both middle fingers in their general direction]

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There was a reason for "He's dead, Jim" as the title. They've never sanctioned reverse engineered API access. Time to move on. There are multiple ways of controlling Chamberlain/Liftmaster doors without API access.


True, but... 99%** of MyQ customers have no idea this is happening and won't ever have any reason to care it's happening.

*** - made up #, but the vast majority anyway


Yeah, I realize that. Most people don’t care. But to me, it’s just money-grubbing bullshit and there is no need for it.

Cloud = bad.

Repeat 100 times.


Any closed ecosystem is bad ....

Cloud services that have published APIs for access are okay in my book (like ecobee).


Agree generally, at least until they decide to disable them for some reason. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe too extreme. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the openers themselves, just their attitude toward subscriptions.