MyQ Driver No Longer Working

I developed a driver to control my garage door through the MyQ hub. It used an authorization token that came from the MyQ website. That website has been removed so now I can't generate an authorization token to access the hub. How can I interface with the MyQ hub now? I have not seen any updated drivers posted that don't use the token.

Did you read this Topic?

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Thanks. I did try his device driver and it has the exact same problem. Looks like his code has not changed in 2 years and I think the token issue is only a few days old. That seems to be when my token expired.

the code referenced changed less than a month ago. It's located in an entirely different location from 2 months ago as well.

Also read this in the same Topic:


I have abandon the MY Q integration all together. I soldered two wires directly to the back of the garage door opener push button and ran those to a relay connected to my Konnected Pro 12 board. The LGK app & a tilt sensor is all that was needed to make it work. No need for the My Q app!

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I tried his code per his install instructions and it rejects my login and password even though the same login and password work on the MyQ app. The app error is " status code: 401, reason phrase: Unauthorized". No sure what to do from here.

Last time I had this problem I bought a WiFi controller switch to do the same thing you did but the token issue got resolved. Guess I will have to hook it up now.

MyQ integration is a heartbreaker. They keep changing it and breaking it. Make yourself happy and roll your own with a little relay and a sacrificial remote. Lots of instructions in the community on how to do this. Example thread: Local Control Options for MyQ Garage Door Openers - #76 by wiegout