MyQ 2023 integration and future functionality

With the news that MyQ will be breaking all integrations with its API, I have questions. Currently my 2023 integration is still working and all automations working nicely. Will this continue and if not what are some recommendations to move to. I see the RATGDO device that works perfectly with home assistant, would i be able to use this is HE using the ESPHOME integration? MYQ has been a headache since I integrated and if the RATGDO isn't a viable option, I would love to hear yalls workarounds as far as local garage door control.

Curious what does Myq offer that a button simulator and tilt sensor do not? I have a Genie. It has what looks like a network receptacle on the housing but I've never cared to connect. Seems like more trouble than its worth.

From what I have seen, the RATGDO is a really nice solution! It seems to be 100% local and will use the MyQ device’s security feature (blinking light before close). It also seems to allow for the door to be partially open and closed, like a dimmer, and doesn’t require a contact or tilt sensor.

Definitely something I will be looking to add to my setup.

I have the opener that fits on the shaft, which I really, really like. It offers a smoother and much more quiet experience.

As for a way to use with Hubitat:


Bigger question for me is which opener to buy that's NOT made by a Chamberlain company. Building a new house next year, and a barn a year after that if all goes as planned. I won't put a &($'skf Chamberlain product in it if they give the &($)'sf things for free. Lost me as a customer for good over this MyQ fiasco.

Suggestions welcome.


I'd guess Genie is the next biggest player - they have AladdinConnect (or whatever it's called).

A few years ago, I had to replace a decades-old Craftsman and asked the company to put in the most basic (dumb) Genie they offered -- it's a model 2128, and we've had zero issues with it. Super easy to integrate with a Z16/17.


I didn’t know about Genie before reading your post. Looks like a really good option! I would definitely have gone with this had I known about them before getting my latest opener…

Genie allows you to control the door (open/close) without wires. It connects the same was as a garage clicker. It still required a tilt sensor (actually two - one for the MyQ and one for Hubitat).

Functions added - integration with Amazon delivery services for garage delivery of packages and really inexpensive.

My MqQ is going to the closet of electronic shame.

Me too! If my current one breaks, I am going that route. It looks like an easy DIY install also.

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The wall-mount units are much, much easier to install than the ceiling mount openers - speaking from experience… :blush:

Having upgraded to that type of opener, I don’t expect I will ever get a ceiling mount again.


I was the same as you a month ago with a working HE MyQ integration but decided to make the change to a local solution. Everything I was reading on the forum and other sites regarding Chamberlain shutting out other integrations, it was only going to me a matter of time before mine stopped.

I did what several others here have done and used a Zooz MultiRelay (ZEN16) and the Security+ 2.0 Dry Contact Adapter. So easy to do and I was done in 10 minutes. Both are zip tied to the metal frame that supports the GDO. Link below is NOT my installation but a good post.

Add the [RELEASE] Zooz Garage Door Opener software and simple configuration you will be set.

I liked the solution I did but if you don't mind a little soldering there are solutions that don't need the dry contact adapter and some ways to use a fingerbot and a spare garage door remote. Search the forum for myq returns much help.


Or you could spray paint it red, with a sign "controller from hell" then send it to Chamberlain Marketing VP.

Humm I must have been thinking of the Eastwood movie "High Plains Drifter" when that thought came into mind.


Yes, I think I'm going to be going this route as well. Seems like a nifty little device, MyQ as a company is horrible, I should have left them a long time ago. Let me know if you end up going this route as well, would love to hear someone that has successfully used the RATGDO in HE.

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I think it is hard to do better than using a tilt sensor plus a simple relay to simulate button presses. I’ve been using that method for years with no issues or regrets — and no fees or 3rd party hoopla. Zooz relays are great for this.


To do this on a Chamberlain / Liftmaster Security+ opener, you need to solder to the button contacts of a Chamberlain/Liftmaster wall button or remote. That's a large part of the ratgdo popularity.