Iris GD00Z-1 garage door controller and lift master MyQ

I have an Iris GD00Z-1 garage door opener and a liftmaster MyQ 7675. The original Iris docs list the MyQ7675 as not compatible, but I was wondering it would be possible to get it working with Hubitat? The controller is connected to hubitat, but when I press open or close in the device window the down arrow on the liftmaster flashes 3 times and then nothing happens.

I believe I saw some threads where people used an extra remote and wired the GDO connection to press the remote switch instead of the the button.

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Thanks! I’ll see if I can find those threads.

Try this

With this

MHCOZY 1 Channel 5V 12V ZigBee Smart Relay Switch,Adjustable Selflock and Momentary Working Mode,Works with Tuya eWelink Zigbee Gateway

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Thanks! I actually stumbled across the Security+ 2.0 dry contact adapter and ordered it last night. I thought that would be the only thing I needed. What is the Zigbee smart relay switch for and where does it go in the setup?

The ZigBee relay is what will interface with HE and trigger the MyQ remote.

Gotcha. I’ve already got the Linear GD00Z-1, so I shouldn’t need the relay. Thanks though!