My Z-wave is very sick. I can't nurse it back to health

Ok, with 7 devices and 12 hours, basically your mesh is being hammered by route discovery packets non-stop. I dont need to do the math again. No wonder its slow. *They might be route changing due to whatever the well pump is spamming out.

Is this it?

This is all I could find for parameters, looks like it has nearly 0 useful parameters.

I would be inclined to set Paramater 2 to value 2, which will report the energy (kWh) daily. There seems to be no adjusting of the power reporting.

You should turn on debug logging for that device and see if anything gets generated in the logs, maybe some incoming messages will go into debug logs. It might look like gibberish to you but it will make sense to me. Might help to figure out what it keeps chatting about.

Yup. That's it. I have two of them. One on my 220v clothes dryer, the other on the 220v well pump. Not a bit of trouble from the clothes dryer one -- it's about 20' away from the C7, on the same floor.

The Well Pump one is at the far reach of the house -- downstairs, through the floor and two walls. Going to work on getting better signal, etc down there -- but I have three Dome water shutoff thingies, and they are just fine -- within 5' of the problem Well Pump 40-amp switch.

And yes, for the power reporting -- I have to poll it once a minute. When the well pump runs, it runs for about 2-3 minutes -- so that is sufficient to detect it's on. The whole point was to detect if the well pump "ran too long" so I don't burn out a very expensive deep-well pump

Will do. Thanks for the suggestions.

So you are polling it every minute, constantly?
Doesn't it report power on its own when it changes?

EDIT: Actually looks like it does not report automatically... thats lame.
Your polling is probably the source of ALL the problems in the network.
When you are polling it, it is probably requesting ALL 4 values as well, instead of just the one you need!
That could be fixed with a custom driver. I wonder if someone has made one already we could tweak it.

Completely concur on it's lame. The polling is the only option to get power readings (per a lots of community and google)

That said, the other one -- the Clothes Washer 40-amp -- is also polled every minute (for WAF - "the dryer has started/finished") -- and doesn't have these issues of flooding the Z-wave net.

Here's what I'm seeing in the debug logs

Holy crap -- why is this STUCK repeating?? Does two quick polls (well, supposed to)

The intent was to get current power readings when the pump starts up

Shutting down (pause) that rule. Troubleshooting further.

Yeah its polling everything.
Its not chatty, you are asking it for info!

I think a good test might be to disable the polling on both of those device for a short while to see if it makes any improvement?

Also, if there is a custom driver for this device already, a custom command could be added that only requests the power value instead of everything! It may even work with the Power metering plug driver I have already created.

If you find a custom driver that works for it, I would be happy to modify it to add the custom command.

You could try this driver as well if you are feeling adventurous. [DRIVER] Zooz Smart Plugs Advanced (ZEN04 / ZEN05 / ZEN14 / ZEN15) I suspect it will work, and I could make a custom version for this 40 amp switch with a command that only requests the power reading. That would cut down the traffic 4x.

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Have "stopped" and "paused" that rule that appears to be "stuck" in polling/repeat.

Holy crap. My Z-wave net has dramatically gotten quieter. Been looking at that logic in that rule causing the problem - - can't figure out why it got stuck "repeating" -- says do it just 2 times.

I went and checked the "events" for the three triggers -- nope, nothing abnormal -- not like any of them were triggering constantly.

Stay tuned -- have rebooted hub -- to reset all the counters -- it's looking a LOT better.


your asking it to refresh 2 times in less than a second then a further 2 times 1 second apart. Your asking it to do that every time the trigger events happen. I would just get rid of the repeat and add a elapse time of a few seconds above the 1st refresh.

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Yea, I toned it down to just a single poll -- no repeat. But don't understand how it got "stuck" repeating constantly. But, as of now 8ish hours -- with this change -- we're still "happy" in Z-wave land....

New simple rule -- based on a new "vibration/accelleration" sensor I put on the incoming well 1" pipe. Works great to detect the inrush of water from the well.

Can you re-post your Z-Wave details page? You had several potential ghost devices in the original and not all of them looked to be plugs.

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Will do this PM. Checked it briefly again this morning, and it's looking so much better. But, not perfect.

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Here's the latest Z-wave details. Last full shutdown, pull power, reboot - was about 24 hours ago.

(This cut/paste is from the earlier-in-this-thread-recommended ShareX "scrolling capture' tool -- it looks darned small to me - not sure how to make it pretty)

Same info, using an Excel parser I wrote.

If you click it, then click on the pop-up, it gets to the right size.

That looks way better than before. I'd honestly leave it where it's at and give it a day or two to settle.

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Yup. I plan to stay hands-off for now and see how it goes. My live Z-wave logs look pretty sane now as well -- a nice slow scroll, not constant flooding....

I'm assuming some values, like "route" are the latest route.

As an aside -- not clear on Neighbors, RTT, RSSI, etc -- are they representing the "most recent" value (and would go up/down?) -- or instead, are they the "max/worse".

RTT am pretty sure is the "max seen" based on empirical observations.

PER, I get, by definition is an incrementing value. So is route-changes.

0x16 is definitely a ghost..... It's also got a large amount of hops. Seems a very far edge device

I'm going to differ by just a little bit.. your device #16 looks like a half joined device and that you had to try 5 more times to get it to join as "WATER - Well..."

Both rows show the same type of device, that Discover button means the join cycle took too long and it only partially completed. Ideally, you'd see that, click discover then wake the ZWave device to allow the exchange to finish... but I'm guessing you gave up and tried a few more times. :slight_smile:

I'd treat it like a Ghost and get rid of it. Click Repair and confirm it can't find the device, then slowly click Refresh til the Remove button appears. Click Remove and then come back to this page in 15 mins... allowing the internal processes of the hub/radio to settle.


Followed those steps slowly.

Repair. Then Refresh (only took once). Click Remove. WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT. Reload web browser page. No joy. #16 still there.

Did it again, this time waited 35 minutes, reloaded web page, no joy. Still there.

The remove may fail because the real device can still be reached by the radio. Remove power from the device and then run Remove.


Or it may just fail anyway, just because ??? nobody knows why, thanks Si Labs.