My Outdoor LED Flood Light Control - Football Field Quality Lighting Control For the Home

My Outdoor LED Flood Light Control - Football Field Quality Lighting Control for the Home.

Parts: HE C7
1 - Outdoor dual channel Z-Wave receptable/outlet (can be Zigbee) Check on power/switch
wattage requirements!
1 or 2 Outdoor waterproof IP65/66 LED Flood Lights (main LED flood and smaller porch LED flood)
x - Outdoor Z-Wave PIR Motion Sensor(s) per application. (Can be Zigbee)
1 - Seco-Larm Retro-Reflective Photo Beam Sensor. (Modified for this application)
x - Weather proof outdoor extension cord protector(s) per application.
x - Outdoor extension cords.
x - Required GFI outlet (already installed in home or inline)

When someone (between sundown/sunrise) walks near my house, on the sidewalk,
the modified Retro-Reflective (IR) Photo Beam Sensor, with the reflector mounted on a tree,
will trigger and the main LED, football field, floodlight will turn on for 2 minutes then off.

When someone (between sundown/sunrise) walks near or closer to my house, another PIR
remote will trigger and the main LED, football field, floodlight will turn on for 2 minutes then

When someone (between sundown/sunrise) walks on my porch, another PIR remote will
trigger and the smaller, lower wattage LED, porch floodlight will turn on for 2 minutes then off.

All PIR zone triggering and lighting ON/OFF control is indicated on my special HE LED
Christmas Tree Annunciator R1 for easy and quick alert indication. Low sound buzzers will alert
at nighttime.

1. Make sure you purchase "IP65/66" rated outdoor LED Flood lights.
Weatherproof, extension cord protectors can be purchased from any big box store.
2. Quality LED, outdoor, IP65/66floodlights can be purchased from Amazon and even Walmart.
The cost on these flood have dropped dramatically over the years. (I used a 150W for the main
LED flood) No more #$%@& Halogen light bulbs to replace and these LED floods will last for
3. For outside extension cord wiring - a GFI "Ground Fault Interrupter" is required for safety
PERIOD. Of course, you can hire an electrical contractor to hard wire your floods - check with
your bank for funds.
4. Careful and proper current/wattage calculations is needed to prevent overloading the
outdoor outlet/switch and GFI. Again, for safety, the HE controlled outdoor/switch outlet
has to be plugged into the GFI!
5. For outdoor flood light "energy" safety two methods were used together. HE software "rules"
with delays and the two outlet/switch hardware timers built-in to the Z-Wave outdoor
outlet/switches for automatic shutoff. My flood light control turns on for 2 minutes and
shuts off. (no exceptions and delays)
For additional software energy safety "sunrise' will cut the juice to the floods along with
additional software timer routines. There will be no waste of lighting energy using HE.
6. Hubitat HE makes it so convenient by using rules and sunset/sunrise times to control or
activate the two flood lights.
Outdoor lighting control special "sequencing" can be easily performed for each of the PIR
zones. (triggering)

Due to "my" home security NO project pictures will be shown.

Hope this project and application will inspire others in HE outdoor lighting/security control.

I understand why you will not post pictures but would you consider posting the actual component brand/model you used for each item?

Trouble maker :grinning:

Qty. 1 Hubitat HE C7

Qty. 1 Z-Wave+ Smart Plug Outdoor 2 channel ZW97 EVALogik (HE approved)
Note: Channel # 1 is used for Main LED Flood and Channel #2 for porch LED flood.
Note: You could also tie both to one channel and keep the other channel as a backup spare.
Note: Zone sequencing needs two channels for the cool main/porch lighting automation control effect.

Outdoor PIR(s):
Qty. x ? Zooz Z-Wave+ - Outdoor Motion Sensor ZSE29 Ver. 2.0 - battery operated (HE approved)
(For porch LED Flood light control - can be used also for the main LED flood light control.

LED Main Lighting:
Qty 1 Main Outdoor LED Flood Light - Walmart DELight "2 PCS" 100W LED Flood Light
Please Note: My actual product (150W) changed over the years but this 2 piece example should work just fine.

LED Porch Lighting:
Qty.1 Small Porch Outdoor LED Flood Light - Smart Electrician® 1200 Lumen LED Clamp Work Light Model Number: Z-1200-C Menards ® SKU: 3705449
Please Note: This mini, cheap, porch, LED flood light is used away from the weather elements.
Anyone, at night time on my porch, will need sunglasses protecting them from the glare.

Sidewalk Sensor:
Special Retro-Reflective Photobeam Sensor (IR) Seco-Larm (E-931-S45RRQ) Amazon
Used for day/night sidewalk human detection.
Powered with 12-250 VAC/VDC with dry contact(s) for a HE contact input sensor.
There was somewhat an engineering challenge to make this sensor work with HE.
The part number is all that I am providing for now.

Please note: I am ALSO using very reliable LoRa devices and sensors along with HE.
No engineering info will be provided on these special and very reliable sensors/devices!

Is this for a home or a prison facility?


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I wonder if there’s a 4K-60% doorbell camera with motion detection that could be integrated with Hubitat to follow intruders with a spotlight.

Anyone know of a reliable LED spotlight that could be mounted on some kind of pan-tilt mechanism? Reliability is crucial for this application.

Edit: No broken promises please, like frickin’ sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads. Serious offers only.


It was designed to prevent people, like you, from wandering near my home.
My backup is "THE DOG", my 410 and The Police.
Home Automation/Security is my hobby .

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@bobbyd.... Wanna close up shop here? Thread is devolving.... and is not substantive


Is this all for 2 lights?

Not being a dick, seems like a lot.


I am very confused about a few of things regarding this topic.

If you live in a neighborhood with a sidewalk I suspect your neighbors don't appreciate being blinded when they simply want to go for a walk.

What's the issue with posting pictures? They would be very helpful since the descriptions are very muddled.

What makes this football field quality?

I sense there is some level of humor that's being used but lost on most of us.

Did you make a post about the Christmas tree you refer to?


@user494 appears to be temporarily suspended and cannot respond to your post. So here’s a link to their Christmas Tree Annunciator project:

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Both a kinda useless without pics.... Shrug


It's all very bizarre. The random use of capitalization, quotes, etc. Very difficult to read. All the pseudo dramatics out of them as well.

Never thought I'd see a troll account in the community


Well if we're talking flood lights, these just cleared customs.... Don't think I want lit up like a football field but these should give some nice coloring to the front of my house


I recommend mounting them facing up from the ground. You can definitely blind anyone dare walking close to your public sidewalk :rofl:

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My Dog, 410, and the police will keep people away! Hahahahahah (sorry lol)


or mental institution....


@rlithgow1 the gif that keeps on giving :laughing:

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In the English usage of my youth, “Home” was a synonym or euphemism for a mental health or psychiatric unit.

Perhaps the OP used it in the same context.


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