My experience with HE


What do you mean? :wink:

Start adding some automations to make it speak whenever you'd like. I find Rule Machine the easiest method of implementing these automations.


Congrats, they have an ear in your house. :smirk:


is there a open source, non evil corp version I can buy instead ?


Epppp. So i am getting some issues and my default reaction is to roll back my backup. But I am going to hold off and ask for some help...

  1. So my sensibos have not been reacting to voice commands, which i hadn't noticed / was happy to use the switches in HE. So i thought maybe there was an issue with alexa so I have been renaming them and device searching them - and HE will expose them to alexa but in the discovery process they just wont come across.
  2. i have setup chromecast beta and was playing around with that - but since then I have noticed that my presence sensors have not been reporting / my end of day scene instead of firing all at once was going device by device in the rule (noticeably VS not before)
  3. when trying to open apps - I am getting the please wait - loading "app" including notifications and TP link app just now.
  4. my tp link switch has just completely fallen off HE
  5. lately i have been noticing group switches "on", but the bulbs are off on the dashboard

A. i thought that the change with the sensibos happened when I updated to the minimal logging code, so I thought if I revert it I might be able to get voice back and just live with the clogged up logs, but now the app wont find any of the sensibos
B. ive deleted chromecast for now - i only setup one test rule and it fired (slowly)
C. I am thinking of rebooting the HE and seeing what happens
D. tp switch needed a firmware update but I dont think that would of killed it off the network.

any ideas / help please @ogiewon @mike.maxwell
this is why ive been taking it slow as not to hit big brick walls like this, do I email support ?


2. saw i had a 3 second timer to dim the lights in the end the day scene which included the tv switch, removed it for now and will test tomorrow if that helped with the slowness / individual triggers

4. after a reboot my tp link hs100 plug has shown back up and is working again.
went into the router and locked down its IP just in case.


Number 5 sounds like you’ve a weak mesh, if devices aren’t reporting correctly after a while

Try DISABLING 1 app or 1 device at a time.
Test it for 24-48hrs (important as there’s a nightly database consolidation that runs)
Anything in your logs ??

With Sensiobs and Alexa

  • do your Alexa voice commands work into HE ? (Maybe setup a test device to get triggered)
  • do your HE commands control sensing directly ?
    Try to find what part of that process doesn’t work.
    Sorry, I don’t have either of those devices


hey @njanda,
The switches (says its on) bulbs (are off even though the switch is on) in this case are wifi bulbs, all running on a 2.4ghz wifi router setup less than 3m from the devices.
Yep - everything exposed to alexa is and can be controlled by voice currently.
Yep - HE can control everything sensibo had in its app
All good, this morning with sensibo deleted, chrome deleted - my presence fired at the right fence when i went to the shops and seems to be pretty snappy this morning.


Ok, good to hear that things are snappier now.
If you had just DISABLED the apps then you could just enable them. Now you’ll have to install one, test it for a couple of dayes and then install the other.
Not that it’s so hard to do an install :smirk:


how do I disable the app for future reference ?


Check out this Thread


I probably should be searching instead of asking questions of the same people. Thank you @njanda for that.

So - in regards to my sensibo. I re-added the app and driver (old) and exposed them to alexa and run the discover. Still wont find them. So screw it, it goes against the HA way - but I created 2 virtual switches with the air con names I wanted, exposed them to alexa then sent 2 rules behind the switches to control the sensibo that way. Yes, its a work around, No, I dont want to get to the bottom of it if I can get it to work.


Ha ha. I know the feeling :+1:t2:


Removing the delay in the "end of day" scene has sped up the scene / my perceived delays in the rule firing. Im happy with that now.
Sensibos are in and working (+ their virtual switches)
Glad i didnt nuke the system down - but slept on it and worked backwards to get where I am now.

Not sure wether to try the Chromecast beta again and or dive into the mess of the echo/GH pi fiasco. I really just want a simple way to fire off a vocal notification when required :frowning:




hmmm - $250 starting price is well outside the W.A.R.S. acceptable range, especially since i'd want atleast 2-3 of them for different ends of the house.


I've got my single GHM working pretty well for just such announcements. I too found that it dropped of and kind of cached TTS messages so I played around with using RM to send a


just using the chromecast driver ?



  • Chromecast beta APP

  • TTS Queuing APP

  • ChromecastAudio Driver

  • Vitrual TTS Speaker Driver (created by TTS Queuing APP)


you've had no issues with the hub / slowness / apps taking ages to load ?


oh, see you're just trying to jinx me now :slight_smile:
But no, no slowness, no rebooting etc. but I've got a very small simple setup.
Maybe 20-25 devices. a mix of Zigbee and Zwave and I'm careful about the Apps I've selected / load.
I took note from something I think @bravenel wrote about the core design of HE being "event based" as the hardware is not some super powerful, micro android box, capable of taking on the cloud processing. Something clicked with me that perhaps apps or drivers that require loads of CPU time are not a good fit with HE.