My experience with HE

I just wanted a thread I could go back on and for others to have also.

  1. Firstly, can we edit / update the wiki ? I feel like there are some edits that need to be made RE the ikea bulbs being supported, but not the ikea hub (so the ikea bulbs do require hardware / hue bridge) but thats no listed in the wiki. Am i right in assuming that devices that need drivers (do this / on-off) require hubs but devices that just report dont? re temp sensors / contact sensors. Also - if the hub has these radios, shouldnt that be able to drive these devices? (but we are leaving it to the hubs as to not overload the HE system?)
    current supported devices wiki

  2. Second, with the hub - do I need to add anything in the TF slot / can the HE do anything cool with the IR port ? My paperwork states that I plug in one usb, but I have 2 (assuming because of my aus location)

  3. Thirdly, when you first signup into the hub it asks for your zip code - but I have a 4 digit postcode and it wouldnt accept it. I walked away to help my kid do something and came back to the hub being logged in and sitting at the settings page. Again, it wont let me add in my Post Code and I googled the issue with no answer in the forums.
    Basically you can leave it blank - as long as you move the house location on the google map and the daylight / sunset time changes and you hit update.

I feel like the HE is going to be exactly what im after, and the community fill in all of the gaps, but for those researching / jumping in the barebones/wiki should be updated so to save some confusion for the beginners.
I am going to be taking this extremely slowly and watching the YT vids and adding devices once I know all the info. Just getting the hub online and both my and my mrs phone online with the app and reporting presence will probably be my first step before adding more bits in.

If it is a Wiki forum post, then you should be able to edit the first post in the thread. As far as the official list in, that is maintained by the Hubitat Team.

If the compatibility list says Ikea bulbs are supported, then they can be directly paired to the Hubitat hub. Very few other Hubs/Bridges will work with Hubitat using native, built-in Hubitat Apps/Drivers. The exceptions that I know of are Philips Hue and Lutron SmartBridge/RadioRA2.

Building a reliable Zigbee or Z-Wave mesh network requires a bit of a learning curve. Unfortunately, not all Zigbee or Z-Wave devices are well behaved mesh network members. There is quite a bit of information in the forums about how to build a robust Zigbee or Z-Wave network. It mostly comes down to making sure you have enough mains-powered devices that can act as GOOD repeaters. Zigbee Bulbs are sometimes poor repeaters, and are often powered off by a wall switch causing zigbee network issues. That is why Sengled bulbs are recommended so much. They are well behaved and are NOT repeaters by design.

Some users CHOOSE to put their Zigbee bulbs on a Philips Hue bridge to avoid creating issues on their Hubitat Zigbee mesh network. This is not required with Sengled bulbs as they are well behaved. Some bulbs cannot be paired with the Philips Hue bridge as it only support the Zigbee ZLL protocal. Bulbs that only work with Zigbee HA will not work on the Philips Hue bridge.

The only useful ports on the C-4 hub are the Power, Ethernet, and USB ports. The USB ports are only good for connecting Zigbee and Z-Wave radio sticks. None of the other ports is used, nor will they be used. The new C-5 hub doesn't have any of those ports. In fact, it only has Ethernet and microUSB for primarily power. The Zigbee and Z-Wave radios are internal.

My guess is the postal code is primarily for US users. You can enter Longitude/Latitude values, or simply use the map as you have figured out already.

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I bought my hub a week ago, so I dont have a C5 I have a C4 ?

These long and lats were already populated without a zip code as the hub had defaulted to where ever the hub location was on the map. Once moved on the map - those and the daylight/sunset times corrected themselves.

This is what I was referring to to be updated, yep.

The new C-5 hub is only available in the USA. This is because the internal Z-Wave radio frequency is US specific.

The CPU, RAM, and FLASH storage on the C-5 is the same as the C-4. I have a C-3, C-4, and a C-5 and they all behave the same.


I googled the zip issue and it didnt seem to be mentioned, so I added it to my post here as reference for future Aus buyers.
Rightio RE the variations in models, it does make sense as international buyers require different radios.

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We only support two Ikea devices, the outlet and the E14 bulb, please elaborate on which Ikea edits you feel are required.

Can the HE hub control the ikea bulbs directly, or should the bulbs be paired to a Hue hub and controlled off that ?

[Hubitat for AUS - Discussion]

[Hubitat for AUS - Discussion]

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I have no idea, the few us sourced ikea color capable bulbs I have do not work, and it will be some time before they are made to work.
These bulbs are cheap for a reason, one reason being the lack of certain zigbee commands that every other color bulb I have tested already supports.
Currently we have many other fish to fry vs dealing with what I consider to be a sub standard color cluster implementation.

Hey Mike,
Thanks for that. Mine are not the coloured/RGB lights - just white one. Agreed they are cheap for what they are, but here in Australia we are pretty starved for smart home products which tends to drive up the price of the products that do get brought here so having Ikea supply something was a welcome addition.
So would it be worth removing the bulbs from the wiki, since as you said it will be a while before "sub standard colour cluster products" are implemented ?
I am learning the ins and outs of the whole eco-system and just trying to save myself some money from walking down dead-ends with products.

As it is, I can't even find a zigbee repeater in my region that anyone can recommend.

What wiki?, we only have official support for one Ikea bulb, this is listed in our official supported device list. Hubitat doesn't manage nor monitor any other sources of device compatibility other that the one located in

I have also found implementation differences between us and eu versions of the same osram products. Sourcing AU devices for driver development had been problematic as no one seems to want to ship to us. The few devices we do have were sourced directly from manufacturer engineering contacts.
So it's difficult to say if Ikeas AU bulbs are the same as the US versions...
If it's just a plain dimable bulb it should work, theres little in the way of commands that can be skipped there.

I have ikea color bulbs working on ST just fine. I was expecting them to work on HE when I move them but from what you are saying, maybe not.
I just added some unsupported Ecosmart, hue change capable, bulbs and so far they work really well. I was impressed with the speed and ease of pairing. They self selected an RGB colour driver which does the trick. They also work fine on ST.

General comment on Sengled,
A lot of people are recommending Sengled's and they are great but there is a very limited selection. A19 and BR30s is about it, no GU10 or PAR20 is a big issue.

If the bulbs are color, they will not work with our inbuilt drivers.

Apologies, doc's page.
Happy to send some packages over of Aus products if you're happy to send me some ikea zigbee repeaters!!

We just have the white E27 bulbs in Aus:
Ikea Tradfri Aus Selection

Too bad, I have been working under the false assumption that what works on ST should work on HE.
I also have Tradfri GU10s that work fine on ST. This is going to greatly hamper my migration.

Too late for me but Hubitat need to get some GU10, PAR16 and Par 20 approved. These are the most common bulbs for most people after the A19. I would be willing to bet that most people in newer homes have more GU10 that anything because gU10s are pushed the most in the hardware stores.

Over the next few days I will be trying out the generic drivers for Ikea's etc and will report back.

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I can do that, hopefully you have some shipping tips that avoid customs. I would be happy to swap product.

Are you located in the USA? GU10 is definitely not replacing A19 in my neck of the woods! I find it almost impossible to even find decent quality dumb GU10 bulbs here in the US, let alone smart GU10 bulbs! :wink:

I have one bathroom fixture with GU10 bulbs, which I will probably replace as I am sick of trying to find those bulbs!

Please capture the zigbee fingerprints for these, the complete fingerprint is only available during the zigbee join process.

not sure RE avoiding customs, do you mean taxes at your end ?
if you let me know what you need, i'm happy to organise that.

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There wouldn't be any on our end when you ship to me, worried about your end...

Interesting, maybe that's it,
I am in Canada.
The average kitchen here has at least 10 GU10s. Also, most pot lights and track lights here are Par20 or Gu10.
Traditionally these lights were halogen which just burned energy, It's nice to be able to replace with LEDs. Huge energy saving!

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