My experience with HE


@njanda ha ha - you're doomed now!

yeah, im not trying to harness the power of the sun with my little HE box, I just want to monitor / control / view my house but mostly have it look after itself / control itself with minimal input from me.


Ah man, iOS geofence consistency is so frustrating. My mrs went out with the kids at 814 and I left the house at 750am, the geofence fired. Then I get a ping at 345 that she got home. So I messaged saying that must of been a long day.. Nup. She got home at 11, went out again at 200 and then back at 345. I've got basically nothing really on my hub, but I cant even get presence consistency right.
Its So Frustrating.


Have you tried the free Life360 integration for presence via geofencing? Most of us have used it since Hubitat was released. It has its pros and cons, but I believe it is slightly more reliable than the Hubitat Mobile App at this point. I am confident that Hubitat will improve the mobile app over time. However, it reliability is critical, you may want to give Life360 a try.


More than slightly :wink:


Hubitat is more reliable and faster for me but i combine the two for 100% acreate presence. I then fire a notification for who gets there 1st and 99% of the time its Hubitat.


The repeater is also supported, as well as a 3rd party driver for the round dimmer that rotates (not the 5 button round thing).


Our official list of compatable devices is specific to devices which we provide drivers for within the platform.
Any other lists other than this one:
are not maintained and or verified by Hubitat.


Would I be better off trying an ST presence fob (importing it) or life360 you reckon ?
Pretty sure I saw a @Cobra app based on child presence devices - was that right ?


I combine ST phone presence with HE phone presence with L360 with Locative :slight_smile:
Presence Central will combine them into one virtual presence device.

In my cars I use ST zigbee presence sensors converted to run on AA batteries


Love your work andy


i've got my wife my my phones online and working, I just cant get the built in app to find our circle..


Ho hum, looks like the guy I gave the money to for my ikea repeaters has done the runner/not replying. There goes $100 to the HA gods.
Back to the drawing board / trying to source something local, those USB plugs would be so easy to deploy though.


You can just order these on their website instead of picking them up in the store.


If you live in a country where they deliver.. That is correct.
These you cant get in Aus and he was in the US and going to forward them onto me.


You can also look into a reshipping service. Order it to a special US address, and they reship it to you in AUS. I haven't used one, so I don't have any recommendations though.

How much is shipping from the US to AUS anyway? My friend shipped a tiny box from the US to Germany which had a mug and two shirts in it, and it cost like $85. I looked into returning a broken dashcam to china that I paid $27 for, and even though it cost them like $3 to send it to me, it was around $50 to ship it back.


Yeah - I just thought it would be quicker with someone I thought I knew over in the US.
Shipping was like 45 bucks.


Also, if a retailer won't take a credit card that's not from their country, you should be able to use to create a virtual card number with a fake name and address and use that to order.


We have ikea here, its just they dont have this product part here (ikea signal repeater) so I wanted to get them from the US and have them shipped here is all. Just the guy I got to do it took my monies and didnt send me my repeaters.


Did you just use a random guy to do it for you? No offence but if so that was abit optimistic.


Nah, this is a guy ive know for 4+ years who moved over there in the last 12 months.
I dont give money to strangers and hope for the best lol