My experience with HE


mono, makes sense, its just a dim-able bulb then...
We don't have a driver built in for fixed temperature dim-able bulb, I'll add one but it won't make the next release (2.1.1)...


be sure to let everyone know, seems some think we're asleep at the wheel here...


It tends to get a bit quiter right before the releases.......then it's hold back the (keep up the good work)


appreciate that @mike.maxwell , I will probably move that bulb as it isn't the brightest but support for it would still be great (if anyone else buys one).
The community has been great with their support for me, and yes - you have to do abit of reading (knowledge) and the interface isnt as simple (newb friendly) as it could be, but I know this platform is the right fit for me and really appreciate the dev's checking in on us.

One question I did have, would you guys ever consider moving some of the community apps inhouse / supported? I am keen to extend my hub with some of the apps that have been written/developed but I am concerned about performance / support with externally written drivers (I guess this is a common concern at the beginning which I am very most at).


we've always been open to this, but it's up to the developer to make the effort to initiate this.


Dim bulbs are always a problem in any group. :wink:


Ah, so i've had a lot of moment forward now.

  • yeelights are in and tied to mode changes in groups (working well)
  • harmony hub software installed and can see the scenes and created tiles for them on the dashboard (thought I could set notification of one of them firing to know when my kids get up on the weekend)
  • Got my tp link software installed and it found the plug right away and I can switch that on and off
  • Got my 2x sensibo air conditioner V1's software installed, controlling them no issue. They report temperature so have 2 tiles set with 10 min refresh on them, pretty cool.
  • Did 2 HE software backups and moved them to a NAS

Next i removed a motion sensor from a tradfri bulb, removed the tradfri bulb from its hub and then reset it. Updated the phillips hub (seems to always have a hub update waiting) and then paired the tradfri to the hub. Good news it can control the temperature of the white hue so im happy with that. I went back into the app - ran the refresh but the bulb wont show in the HE app.
I have the bulb in the Hue app, its named and in a group, but no love in HE. I'll give it 24hrs and refresh the HE app again and see what comes up.

I also ordered 3 yeelight RGBW bulbs from china (half the price here in Aus) and thought I might set them up at each end of the house and one in the middle. Then when I install my ST multi sensors I will get them to trip HSM if they open at night, and get them to turn on, set red and blink as a visual warning.

Still trying to source 3 to 4 ikea USB repeaters before I setup the xiaomi temp sensors and ST multi sensors as I want the zigbee mesh to be strong to start with.

Another question, with my groups - I guess this is intermediate cause I haven't setup alexa to control them yet. I have alexa turn on her living room light group (3x yeelights) but the HE doesnt see it turn that group on (even thought its the same 3 bulbs) I guess because they are the same groups, but dont see each other. I mean once I setup alexa she will be turning on the HE group from then on instead of her own.


Any help with this one? tried this morning and still no luck.


Ok, next I have bought:
4 ikea repeaters and have them being shipped over from the USA currently
Bought the 10x iris motion sensors off ebay and they were delivered today
Bought a Remotec ZRC-90 which will be great as currently I have masking tape covering switches to stop my family breaking my system
have 3 more xiaomi temp gauges on the way
also my rgbw yeelights should be here soon as well.

once my repeaters are here i'll start putting the zigbee devices in.

Also noticed in my scene, I hadn't set the dimmer level or colour which was stopping my bulbs firing in the scene activation. Hopefully adding those values gets the scene working properly and gets the Mrs off my back.

My mrs geo fence has been rock solid from the beginning, mine still drops off here and there. Thats super annoying.


hey @mike.maxwell - just checking when that "mono" yeelight might make it into a release ?
Also - the gen 2 RGBW yeelights have a flash protocol in the app - but that doesnt seem to be in the driver for that bulb (in device/commands) - is that something that can be added ?


Next release will have the mono. No plans for anything else currently


@mike.maxwell so the built in driver for yeelights doesnt support flash ?


Unless there's a command named flash in the driver page, then it would be a nope...


So currently have my Remotec setup and working well.
Getting most of my mode changes under wraps which is good.
Still trying to decide wether to go with yeelights to fill in the lighting gaps I have or go with some more tradfris but the price point is the same on both to get to the island.
I setup my first rule which was a mountain of a thing (RM is just really mind bending, but like I read - write out your rule and what you want it to do. That made it much easier to plan and execute).

currently just waiting on my ikea repeaters to get here on the slow boat they must be on.
Then I can start messing with door sensors and temp sensors.

I really want to add in TTS - I have 6 or so echos already, but from everything i've read you need subsequent hardware to run the required software to get them to work.
Did anyone have a suggestion or preference they can share from experience ?

I do have 2 or 3 spare pi's sitting around idol that I can deploy etc.


Hey @mike.maxwell,
For the Remotec zrc 90 that I bought, should I be using the button controller built in app, or with the bunch of rules that I setup in RM ?


Use bc unless bc can't do what you want.
Not really worth the time to change over though...


Correct, but man it does my OCD no good seeing this many rules listed just to do the simplest thing re button presses.


Exactly, bc first unless it doesn't cut it...


I mean I already know first thing when I get home im going to try and convert it all over the BC, who am I kidding lol


So I won a google mini this week, plugged it in, activated the chromecast beta, clicked speak and she spoke.. So now what ?