My experience with HE

yeah - it made we walk around the room waiving my phone around like a mad man lol
@corerootedxb ah really, just iOS ? thats kinda lame.

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Yeah, but the timing is a one time action, so borrowing a iOS device for it is possible. The reason why it's iOS only is because apple's mic has always the same result as in it's feedback. Though with all the android devices, the result is different per device and therefore not a workable solution. They could however solve it with selling a external mic for android. But they decided to just don't care.

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More than kinda. My household is all Android, so meh.

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Apples better anyway.. #slowlyjogsaway

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If you compare them to oranges, yeah they are better :joy:


lol, I thought they were still calling them ice-creams not fruits yet!

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So a mate of mine came over today, and we have always gone toe to toe with HA stuff. He went from vera to ST and just finished up his new house build. I showed him the HE and he was blown away. Pretty sure we have a new convert. Also helped me understand RM4 a bit better as I explained my struggles - so maybe y'all can take a back seat and he can take me under his wing!


I used to think so until I really started using Samsung Pay. Mag strip technology = Being able to pay anywhere with my watch (even if they don't have NFC) = #WINNING. :wink: LOL

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Alright, so be gentle with me y'all - but TTS. I tried all the echo ones and the google ones and it was for the most part a headache. I bought the ikea/sonos speaker and its bliss (but GD I wish it had a 3.5mm aux in). Anywho..

How do I set the volume per notification?
*yeah ok so I use music device not speech and the option showed up lol.

alright, so i am freaking stoked with my setup, making slight changes here and there but its been bullet proof and loving it... but like, whats next lol.
I need to build out some HSM stuff, I need to tweak some stuff here and there. I have no idea on making my dashboards pretty.
Its also hella nice to mix up the usual routines and see whats missing in the system (the other day the neighbours kid came and let the house cat out cause he left a door open, so plugged in a notification if that specific door was left open for more than 2 minutes).
I might want to look into the zigbee wall fan controllers / hook them in with temp sensors etc but that a perm fixing VS all the portable stuff I have right now.
Nailed my washing machine RM, happy with that, it even adapted to the Mrs doing a double load back to back and I thought it might of cut off the power mid cycle but nup - all good.

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I am ready to throw in the towel with this sh#t hey.
My system works 100% (with scenes/mode specific lighting) - but some of my yeelights are not following along with motion lighting. Then my whole system crashed and and I got 0 response from support because bruce replied to my thread so they closed my ticket.
Now pushover isnt working, but HE notifications are, so im redoing my sh#t again because of that.

im over it. I dont want to work on my system, i dont touch my system, I just want it to work. I am better off going somewhere else.

Hi there, sorry for your frustration. It is understandable. Your ticket has not been closed. We have replied to you yesterday confirming that you have a database problem and suggesting to perform a Soft Reset. (please check your emails for ticket 14870 and let me know if you didn't receive any).

Thanks bobby,
have sent a reply.

less than a month later and this POS has crashed again...
No response from hub on cloud.
Limited responses from support unless i chase it

JB have the ST hub for $199, might just go and deal with this s""t over there.

You have a friend that's on ST, right? So s/he's got all the experience you'll need to work through the problems that you'll encounter there... There will be problems, but probably not the exact same ones. :slight_smile:

Someone once said.. 'got a bag full of Green problems OR a bag full of Blue problems. The bags weigh the same.'

It will be a learning experience for you and your friend... let us know. So many of us started our Hubitat journey directly as a result of ST. But don't let our experience sway you... I'm certain ST is better now than it was 18 months ago.

Really.. no snark intended.. It can't possibly be a bad thing for you to see another Home Automation system. Maybe your friend will want to swap? S/he's ST and was impressed with Hubitat back in Sept...

He has his ST in a cupboard as he has completely moved to HE now and is very happy with it.
I might save some coin and buy his off him.

Delivery's faster too, right? :smiley:

I would also like to make a personal comment here.

As @csteele has mentioned, with every Home Automation system there are problems. I've used more HA systems than I care to admit (I don't have a drawer of them, I have STORAGE BINS of them.)
I was really tempted to give up on Hubitat when I came from ST because something that worked on ST didn't work on HE. It was frustrating as hell.
I got over it, because I realized that although superficially they are very similar, in reality there are some areas that are very different. It was extremely surprising to me.
The community here and the attitude of the staff really helped me. Another thing that I realized was that all I had to do was prove (conclusively) that there was a bug, and they would fix it.
Yes, it's frustrating when it doesn't work the way it should (or at least the way you think it should work).
Do it another way.
Get over it, and move on!


fair points - im not sure how I can stop my hub becoming uncontactable by doing it another way?, my hub is becoming uncontactable once to twice a month which I dont find acceptable.

In regards to your response of support, my current support tickets that are still open:
Your request (14269) 27-8-19 - life 360 stock app issues
Your request (14862) 24-10-19 - hub 401 error, first of my currently monthly hub crashes
Your request (14870) 26-10-19 - yeelight, motion lighting issues

Also, I do make posts for community help regarding the above before I contact support

1 Life 360 wont set location
2 Can anyone help pls, No response from hub - what can i do?
3 Yeelight / Motion Lighting help needed

Hey Steve,
I just scanned over your posts and I could be well off but, Could your network be the common factor in your problems ??
Everything seems to require your network NOT the Hub.