My experience with HE


what size area would you say you are covering and how many devices @njanda ?


@mike, I don’t have any “ 3asmarthome switches?“ either. Lol


Yeah good questions.
It’s not a big house and my hub is very central but on the first floor of my Sydney home.
Device count is approx close to 20 devices in constant deployment with a couple extras as “testers”. Mixed ZWave and Zigbee
I’ve got a couple of Zwave repeaters and this will make two Zigbee repeaters to provide an alternate route for my Iris Motions. I’ll be getting another this month as I have to spread the purchases. Lol


I'm really hoping for some Tradfri sockets in Ikea soon. That way I can buy a device that's useful on two fronts - repeater and switch.


ill give the zigbee mesh heal a go tomorrow.
need to kill off these wemo bulbs and the ikea one.


I'm hoping these lamps will be good repeaters as they are designed as zigbee 3.0.

but their hub is HA 1.2 and when i spoke to the guy he had a mix of everything and doesnt have a issue with the mesh. They should already be in aus?


Their website only lists UK locations, nothing outside of there.

What would be the issue with this repeater ? (if you knew @mike.maxwell)
status:In Discovery, age:0, routeRecordState:2, concentratorType:High Ram, [null, 0000] via [Ebay repeater 4, 25EE]


Thats funny. There's no "i" in Avatar, so the slang is based on a misspelled word.

Go figure. I assumed you had a video posted in some link on your in .avi. I must be old too. LOL



So i switched off the zigbee bulbs in my mesh and shutdown the hub. Waited 30mins to be safe and restarted the hub. I checked the routing table and only a afew of the devices showed, so i went and activated them (MS, Buttons, door sensors) and once I saw them all I turned the zigbee bulbs back on.
I noticed when i turned the zigbee bulbs off, the MS that werent reporting came straight back to life. Will keep an eye on their activity and if they change routing/repeaters but happy with that so far as i can see they have all chosen the repeaters now.


There must be a Aussie website as they said that's the 1st place they launched (you were their guinea pigs :wink:)


Wow that's weird. I've never heard of them down here but I have just emailed them via their Contact Form asking where they are selling their Zigbee lamps and sensors.
Lets see what comes back.
Thx heaps for the "heads up"


I'm interested in there plans for their future product lines!


So I have an ikea bulb, directly linked to the hub.
Its in my garage and less that 1m from my hub. I have seen it on the zigbee routing table but right now its On, and wont turn off. Hitting refresh and configure on the device gets it to show up in the table as "in discovery" but then drops off the table.
Any thoughts ?
I have it connected to a MS - and thought maybe it had given up the ghost but the logs show it as firing, just I guess since the bulb is unresponsive it cant turn it on.

[Garage bulb, 8568], LQI:255, age:7, inCost:1, outCost:0


So I have this issue with my ikea bulbs, connected to the hue bridge randomly "blinking"
I noticed last night fiddling with the hue hub that both of those ikea bulbs are listed as "unresponsive" on the hue hub.
Now they turn on when asked by HE, and turned off with HE when required, but they were going in and out of responsive when I had the hue hub open.

Do I need to change the channel of the hue hub ?
currently i have an orbi mesh with satellite, a 2.4 wifi router im using for my yeelights/cocoon door video camera and 4 zigbee repeaters.

Are there too many signals going all over the place that is affecting the connection to the bulbs, do I need to buy repeaters for the hue bridge ?


The quality of IKEAs bulbs compared to say Philips Hue is made up by the price. Being from the country of origin a lot of people here have IKEA Trådfri stuff and every now and then a bulb starts acting up, blinking etc. A quick stop to IKEA and you walk away with a new lamp - no questions asked :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah - I agree with your points. Living on a little island here in Aus, I would rather Hue bulbs but in some cases they are 10x the price of the ikea bulbs lol.


I have had issues lately with my hue lamps doing the same thing on the hue hub. The lamps are controllable from HE, but the Hue says they are not responsive, yet will flash them when the icon is touched. I am thinking there is something going on with the Hue firmware. I never had a problem with this until these last few days.