MQTT - howto

Performing the move from ST to Hubitat I'm trying to get MQTT to work - but failed so far.

Goal is to get the values of all sensors exported to my Linux server. Is there kind of "install MQTT on hubitat for beginners" documentation available?

Not that I’ve noticed. I’m also intrigued by MQTT but haven’t looked into it in detail, partially because I find it to be confusing AF :upside_down_face:. I think your best bet is to read up on MQTT in general and then ask questions in the [RELEASE] thread of one of the community devs that created an MQTT integration.

All of the MQTT apps are user written. There are at least 3 (linked below). Each have their own threads for support/instructions. There is no easy button - just need to read up in those threads. Each app has its own pluses and minuses depending on your wants/needs.

In my opinion, based on your description the last one in the list may fit your needs to best (?). The first one in the list has the most support and user base though.

Kevin's MQTT app




Unbiased of course ;-). It does sound the easiest option for this users needs.

Thank you so much! I installed YAMA and it works perfectly! :slight_smile:

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Lol. I will almost never recommend my limited solution over your much more robust solution. This was just one of those rare times. :slight_smile:


I already had tried the other two before my posting but didn't manage to bring it to work with the documentation provided. So YAMA was exactly what I was looking for...

No worries. Kevin's MQTT app is by far the most tested, most bug free. But it is a little harder to setup - and maybe does "too much" if you are really just looking for something simple and don't care about Homie topic formats or home assistant integration.

That's actually why I made YAMA (which is still listed as "beta" for a reason!!) as I wanted something so stupidly simple, even I could use it. :wink: Select devices - hit done. That was where my head space was at, at the time. Blame COVID.

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