Motion Sensor Suggestions

Since it's changing all the time, looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for Motion Sensors.

We started our system with the remnants of an old Iris system that had Bosch Tritech motion sensor but I can't find where they make them any more.

Would prefer a Zigbee sensor since that's what the rest are but could make a Z-Wave work.


Many of us have been using this vendor

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I wrote this a year or so ago and still don't think much has changed. :slight_smile: (But like the above, if you made me pick one without further explanation, it would be the Iris v2...unfortunately discontinued.)

I might add to that that I've tried a few more: the ZSE18 and HomeSeer HS-MS100+, both fairly unimpressive if speed is a concern; and the Zooz 4-in1, a better version of its predecessor (and a better version of the Monoprice lookalike), though still not as snappy as Zigbee in my experience. The Aeon Multi 6 remains slow (even on USB for me), expensive, and battery-eating, but many people like it for some reason.

...and later for the Iris v2s again:

I'm still partial to the Nyce motion sensors, and their crazy long 5 year battery life. But, yes, they are more expensive.

If you cannot get the Iris v2, then you can order these Sylvania motion sensors. They are very similar and also made be Centralite.

If you prefer to go forward with newer models, then these Samsung motion sensors are very good too, and priced even lower right now.

I don’t have the Iris, but I do have the Sylvania and the Samsung, and I like them both very much. Very sensitive and responsive.

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And, if you like LARGE motion sensors, there is this one:

Thanks All for the suggestions. Both the NYCE and the Samsung were on my list

But while I was digging I stumbled across the AduroSmart ERIA sensors so I'm going to give the a try on both a motion sensor and a contact sensor.

Here's to hoping they work decent...

Inovelli is going to have motion sensors and should be up to buy maybe next week. I believe that they are going to have temperature, Motion of course and humidity.

I'll probably try one of those out too, but being a Z-Wave motion sensor, I'm going to guess it'll be a bit slower than most Zigbee ones. :slight_smile:

The ERIA claim a 26' distance for motion - don't think any others do. But looks like they don't provide temperature or humidity?

Correct. No temperature or humidity. I don't seem to be getting very accurate battery reporting either, although it does show up (always seems to be 100%).

They have one "feature" that I have found extraordinarily aggravating - they have a front facing green LED indicator that flashes when they go active and there is nothing exposed in the interface with the existing driver that allows me to turn it off. On the positive side, they use regular AAA batteries - not something expensive and exotic (I'm talking to SmartThings with their Panasonic only CR2450 requirement).

I had one of these Adurosmart/Eria motion sensors get flaky on me and Adurosmart contacted me after seeing my comments in this forum. They replaced the unit no questions asked and the replacement has been good. Good customer support.

Here's a thread I started when I first got the Eria Motion Sensors. Lotsa pictures.

Interesting, the Centralite 3305-G (not micro) sensor "claims" a 30' detection range. But their newer 3328-G (Micro) web page says 30' but spec sheet says 15'. I also see the 3305-G is not available on their own store, nor is it found on Amazon - weird.

I need a couple of motion in my garage that cover good distance. I currently have a couple of the SmartThings 2015 model and they do okay - but they eat batteries like peanuts. I tried the ST 2016 model, but their distance didn't cover what I need.

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