Best motion sensors - Reliability & Range most important

I have the current generation (2018/V5) of the ST motion sensor and it's working fine for me. It's larger than some but does have a magnetic mount that allows for adjustment of the sensor, which is nice. (I also have the first and third/2015 generations, also good but not likely to be found anymore. I'm not sure most of the others were well reviewed.)

I have older ST sensors that are great and fast. I do like the quality of the current line of ST stuff but haven't used the sensors.

My big issue is battery power vs powered.. I don't want to change a bunch of batteries all the time - maybe that could also affect reliability as well dunno. I have also powered Aeotec multisensor 6s and they work well but as has been mentioned are sort of slow - but not bad. Nice to have the other features..

I can confirm Hue Outdoor sensors do pair with HE

Any recommendations for very small and cheap zigbee indoor motion sensors?

Many of us really like these Lowes Iris v2 Motion Sensors. Very fast reporting, great battery life, reliable, small and easy to mount with 3M Command Strips. This ebay seller has been offering them in lots of 10 for a few months now. Many of us have bought from him. I have also bought Iris v2 Contact sensors and Iris v2 Leak Sensors from him. He also accepts offers, so you can even save a little more! You won't find better motion sensors in the $5 a piece price range. (also, mine came with batteries, but others have not - YMMV)|parentrq%3A16d2c86d16c0a9e0c727a493ff635516|iid%3A1


I'll second that advice--I can't believe there are still so many Iris v2 motion sensors floating around, especially at this price. :slight_smile: But if you insist on something new, my two recommendations would be either the Sylvana/Osram Lightify motion sensor (looks like a slightly uglier Iris v2 and is/was made by the same beloved OEM) or the latest (2018/v5) SmartThings motion sensor. Both are around $25 USD, which isn't bad--the Iris ones were usually around $30 new, and at the time I thought that was pretty good (that's why I bought my first one).

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The eBay seller seems to be a bit of an A$$hole when it comes to making an offer. I put in a Make an Offer for $49,00 for 10, but he responded with $509.90 for 10.

You asked for a quantity of 10 (x 10 devices each, or 100 motion sensors total!)

Submit an offer for 1 @ 50.99 and I bet he'll accept it. Seems to be a simple case of confusion.

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I offered $4.90 each for 10 of the motion sensors, a total of $49.00

It's confusing because the title has "lot of 10," but to the eBay listing, that is one item. I just tried this myself (without submitting) and think Dan is right--the offer was for 10 lots, so the counter is still pretty reasonable. :slight_smile:


OK my bad, I misunderstood.
Because in the "Make Offer section is says "Per Item" not per lot.
I was thinking it meant for each individual item in the lot.

The eBay item is the lot of 10 sensors. He has listings for other sensors in lots of less than 10.


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It looks like the 10 Iris sensors sold on ebay do not come with the mounts - any suggestion on how they could be easily wall mounted?

3M Command strips would be my choice. If you haven't seen one of these sensors new in box, there wasn't really a "mount"--it was just tape (I know two pieces were cut to match the indented top corners of the device to facilitate mounting in a corner, and I think there might have been something else for flat mounting but can't remember). Nothing special, and nothing as flexible as the adjustable magnetic mounts you see on newer (albeit generally larger) sensors.

If you want an adjustable mounting option, I've seen some people 3D-print (small) ball-and-socket mounts (or have them printed from Thingiverse or their marketplace of choice). Personally, all of mine are either Command-strip-mounted directly to the wall or set on top of a ledge/trim piece of some sort, but I have a few of these I've been meaning to experiment with.


I've bought 10 from him twice now. Only had one bad one.

Do you guys find these iris V2 sensors to be fast ? The smartthings V2 is slow I find (the USB one V1 is super fast on my network)

Yes, the Iris v2 Motion sensors are extremely quick in my experience with them. I use Iris v2 3210-L outlets as my repeaters. I also use Iris v2 leak sensors and v2 contact sensors.

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looking for an update, which motion sensors are reliable. I purchased some Hue motions sensor, hit or miss for me. Tried to add directly to HE, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Tried adding them to Philips Hue app, works everytime. Tried using CoCoHue intergration, added them, back to hit and miss. Just using the simple lighting rule.

NYCE sensors.. pricey but fast and reliable. Not sure what kind of range you need.

Also would also suggest you consider battery life as well. The claim is 5 years for these devices but I haven't owned them long enough to say.

The very best motion sensors I've use have been the Iris V2s especially if you wired them instead of using batteries. Sadly they are hard to come by nowadays.