Ecolink ZIGBEE Motion Sensor

@mike.maxwell - Interesting one for you.

I just got this Ecolink ZIGBEE Motion Sensor - It says it's a PIRZB1-ECO "Pet Immune Motion Detector". When I paired it up with Hubitat it identified it as a Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor.

Here's a link to the device information - this appears to be the device I have:

Here's the pairing data:

Due to the way it paired as a moisture sensor, I tried manually selecting the Generic Zigbee Motion/Humidity Sensor driver (and, of course, hit Configure) but it doesn't show anything related to Humidity. I don't see any mention of humidity in the FCC publication (which appears to be exactly what I received in print form with the device). I'm going to select the Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor driver and see how that works.

I will post some pictures - I liked the plain appearance but this sucker is huge!

The box:

Designed in California!

Contents of the box (oddly, the mounting that is described is not supported by the hardware. It's just double-sided foam tape.):

I was drawn to the plain appearance but this thing is huge and it has a big LED that lights up right on the front! Here is is placed next to an Eria motion sensor:

Next to a Sylvania:

And next to a SmartThings:

As you can see, it is huge by comparison to any of those. The only advantage I see is it has two CR123A batteries so they should last a while.

This is now the "new" (additional) sensor in my shop, no way I am putting this behemoth in my living areas!

Definitely not the smallest, but I still think I like it better than the design of their Z-Wave sensor. :slight_smile: Where did you find it? I can't find it on Amazon or eBay in the US. Must be new? I normally associate Ecolink with Z-Wave, so this is surprising to me.

Yes, I was surprised too. I have one of their Z-Wave motion sensors but I hadn't seen any Zigbee gear from them. I don't even see it on their site.

I didn't show the back of it but it would work well in the corner of two walls - it has sort of a triangular shape to the back of it.

I liked the plain look of it but I can't get over the size of it.

Here's an Amazon (Smile) Link:

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sure, probably the correct driver would be the generic zigbee motion sensor, did you not try that driver first?

No, I tried the motion/humidity first since it tricked me by pairing as a humidity sensor! I see no mention of Humidity capability in the docs so I think it's straight motion with the usual bonus of temperature.

let me know if it works correctly with the mentioned driver.

Yowzas, that's huge. I'm interested in battery life. All my Ecolink motion and contact sensors have amazing battery life - many which are still at 100% after 3 years.

Odd behavior. I don't see any indication of motion ACTIVE on the device page. I am getting periodic temperature reports in the logs and I see temperature and a preference setting for a temperature offset on the device page . . .

Device page:

Device log showing temperature events:

have one on order...

Not overly excited about this one, 2 minute motion retrigger ...

OK. I'll keep playing with it and let you know what I find out.
As you can tell, I'm not thrilled due to the size. If we could hit it with the shrink ray . . .
Meanwhile, I ordered a couple more of the Sylvania ones . . . about the same as the Iris.

I have their z-wave plus version of this.. Works great with generic z-wave motion driver... I don’t use these for automation.. Just for HSM .. I have them in rooms that already have motion sensors because the dogs won’t set them off

I have one of their Z-Wave sensors but it doesn't look anything like this one.

The Z-Wave one looks like this:


@Eric.C.Miller Yep that’s the ones I have.. Battery life is crazy good on those.. 2 years and they are above 80%

I'm getting good battery life with mine, too. Also, mine is outdoors (covered, in a carport) and has held up well.

Sorry to drag up an old thread, but did you ever get one of these? If so does the driver support adjusting the sensitivity?

It looks like it has three software setable sensitivity settings for sensitivity ranging from none, 40 lb, 85 lb.

I'm fine with the 2m reset, but would definitely want the pet immunity/sensitivity adjustments, as that would be the only reason I would get one.

Where did you find a reference to this?

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In the device's manual. :slight_smile: Although I will say that it doesn't explicitly say whether it is hardware selectable or software. As I didn't see any jumpers, I assumed software.

Under specifications, pet immunity:

You know... It just dawned on me that I already have one of these somewhere, but the comcast/xfinity/visonic MP-841 version. I tried it, but there was something I didn't like about it (other than the size, which is huge).

I'll dig through my drawer tonight and find it.

I will say that the Visonic version of the manual has no mention of adjustable pet immunity settings. So who knows?

If there is a software option for this you would have to sniff the frames whilst it's on the Comcast hub.

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