Motion / Presence Sensor ZY-M100-1

I have been trying to get this sensor to work, but I can not get it recognised in Hubitat. The device name and type seem just to have default 'Name'.

I originally set it up using Tuya.

Any pointers gratefully received.

You'll need to install a community developed driver to get it to work with HE:

Or instead of the above linked official driver install method, use Hubitat Package Manager (recommended).

I thank you for your help.

Sadly, I can not get the weather nor the motion sensor to work. I feel so close, but I think I may have to bin them. I'm quite sad really, feeling stupid!

Hi @richard12 , don't give up - we will help you!

This device is not natively supported in Hubitat, you need to install the custom driver referenced above first.

Did you manage to install the driver? If not, you can refer to How to Install Custom Drivers | Hubitat Documentation . If you are stuck here, let us know.

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Many thanks for your help and encouragement. It is working now, thanks again.

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Glad you got it working!
Sometimes it does take a little fiddling. :smiley: