Most Popular Repeater elevated by Hubitat in 2021

The last category featured by the "Year in Review" is the most essential device in a mesh network - range extenders. While multifunctional extenders are usually the preferred method to strengthen the Zigbee and Z-Wave networks, many manufacturers offer stand alone range extenders (repeaters). Here are the Most Popular Repeaters that work with Hubitat Elevation. Please vote for your favorite device.

If your favorite device is not on the list, then select "Other" and drop a comment below, to share which device is your favorite.

  • Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Repeater 700 (Z-Wave)
  • Ring Range Extender 7 (Z-Wave)
  • TRÅDFRI Signal Repeater (Zigbee)
  • Dome Range Extender (Z-Wave)
  • Aeotec Range Extender 7 (Z-Wave)
  • Other (add comment below)

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*for a complete list of compatible repeaters, check out the "List of Compatible Devices ". Our engineers have tested a dozen different stand alone models (see Repeater under "Device Type" column).

If I need a repeater I usually just install a hardwired outlet.


XBee 3

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Heatit Z-Repeater.

Ring repeater for seeing power outages but don't need a repeater.


Not sure if this setup could be used with Hubitat.

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Product of the Year Elevated by Hubitat in 2021

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